MBI to Take Action Against Stray Cattle in the City


The Ipoh City Council will go all out to look for the owners and operators of cattle farms who are allowing their cows and buffaloes to roam freely in the city, and take the necessary action.

Mayor Dato Roshidi Hashim gave this assurance recently after Ipoh Echo published a front page story on its IE110 issue on the nuisance and danger to residents and motorists caused by stray cattle in the city.

“We are serious about solving the problem of stray cows and buffaloes,” he stressed when questioned by media after the monthly MBI Full Board meeting. “I have instructed the enforcement officer to initiate a mechanism on the method to capture the strays and the transportation to be used. Our procedure will be ready by 30 March 2011”.

Under the city’s by-law on stray animals, owners could be fined not more than RM250 for each stray, or, if the offence was committed repeatedly, the animal could be sent to the abattoir for slaughter.

Our cover story reported that judging from the amount of complaints and police reports lodged by residents about stray cattle, the situation is becoming serious.

Stray cattle are sighted daily in various parts of the city, particularly in the Lahat, Menglembu, Silibin, Jelapang, and in areas near Jalan Kuala Kangsar.

These stray cattle are not just a nuisance, but also a threat while grazing in populated areas, and as well as a danger to motorists. A van driver was killed when his vehicle knocked down two buffaloes last month. The buffaloes were also killed.


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  1. Go to Kampung Rapat Tambahan if you are serious about this and follow the cow dung all the way to the corral.

    Sometimes I really amaze myself to give a advise when I know it falls on deaf ears.

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