Unnecessary killing of 50+ year old trees in Ipoh


old trees uprooted ipoh

Last week 4-5 of among the oldest trees in Ipoh were uprooted along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah or Tiger Lane, Ipoh, next to the Royal Perak Golf Club.

old trees uprooted ipoh

The land was apparently recently acquired by the State Government for the construction of a hotel, and the seemingly first step in this endeavour was to thoughtlessly and without any form of public consultation, destroy some of the oldest plant-life in the city, if not the country.

old trees uprooted ipoh

These magnificent trees not only provided iconic character, but also immense beauty and shade to one of the most picturesque parts of Ipoh.

old trees uprooted ipoh

This senseless act becomes even more aggravating when one considers how the protection of these trees would have greatly enhanced the beauty and attraction of the intended hotel.

Navin (Ipohite for over 30 years!)


Reply from the Mayor’s office:

“The Council finds it necessary to fell the trees based on recommendations by the insurer who said that the trees were old and posed a threat to passers-by”. Datuk Bandar.

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  1. Today’s news report in the Star reported that no insurers are willing to insure against trees in Ipoh. So what was the nonsense male-bovine-excrement excuse that the Datuk Bandar gave about cutting down the trees on the advice of insurer? There is no insurer!

  2. All that the mayor and co. see is the $$$$$$ sign. Shame on you mayor for what you do to this beuatiful city where I have lived for the past 67 years.Take a lesson from singapore and see how they preserve trees. Do not go on official trips with the tax payers money but keep with yr eyes closed

  3. Reply from the Mayor’s office:

    “The Council finds it necessary to fell the trees based on recommendations by the insurer who said that the trees were old and posed a threat to passers-by”. Datuk Bandar.

    Heaven help this man. His deskjob is telling – sitting on his brain for too long. No idea of lateral thinking, no latitude for alternative strategies, no idea of conservation, no mind of his own.

  4. Truly these stupidity of the administrators of Ipoh city should not be tolerated. Why can’t the developers design and build around these trees and use the trees as a valuable amenity provided by nature. Absolutely pathetic excuses of third world type of leaders. Unfortunately even pengarahs who were educated in western universities display such poor and often greenless thinking. Ipoh in ruins – sad and so depressing to know none of these people value the heritage of such trees.

  5. Trees at taiping lake garden close to 100 years. All well taken care off and no danger to the public.

    In Ipoh there is money to be made………..from the contractor felling the trees, to the Datuk Bandar, to the insurance agent and to the insurance company.


  6. I wonder at the need for MBI to insure old trees in Ipoh. Trees get old and eventually either cut down, uprooted by itself or naturally die. Either way, the tree concerned is gone and no amount of money can bring it back.

    So what is the use of insuring the trees? What will MBI do with the compensation money? Looking at MBI’s current efforts at maintaining trees, the money will probably end up being used for other purposes and not for replacing the trees and looking after them.

    Efforts must be made to “help” the trees to grow older, like pruning the leaves and branches, treating against diseases, rot and pests, etc. Otherwise, trees will deteriorate faster and get cut down for safety reasons.

    Pollution from vehicles is also a major factor. The old giant trees along Penang roads fare better because the roads have lesser traffic volume compared to Ipoh, where the trees are planted along major roads with heavy traffic.

    This case seems to show that insuring trees may actually hasten their demise. The decision to cut the trees was based on the insurer’s recommendation. But is the insurer the best party to assess the situation and the health of the trees concerned? Did the insurer seek advice from tree experts and provide an expert report to MBI?

    It may be that the insurer wanted to reduce their risks or didn’t want to insure these trees. Thus, they recommended to cut down the trees concerned.

  7. “The Council finds it necessary to fell the trees based on recommendations by the insurer who said that the trees were old and posed a threat to passers-by”. Datuk Bandar.

    Ipoh Echo

  8. Check out the two articles below: Hypocrisy of the Mayor’s promises to protect Ipoh’s trees.

    Despite various complaints, about indiscriminate tree-destruction, to the Mayor and his supposed assurances that the public will be warned and consulted, this latest tree chopping exposes the hypociry of his words!

    Trust, once it is lost, is also like losing one’s virginity!

    1. Friday, 31 December 2010
    “Ipoh Mayor knows money grows on tree-less land”
    Malaysia Chronicle

    2. December 14
    “Ipoh Mayor cannot see the wood for the trees”
    Malaysia Chronicle

  9. This project is by the state government and the trees being wantonly cut down clearly show their arrogance and high-and-mighty attitude. The Menteri Besar as the head of the state government should be held responsible for this desecration. The trees shouldn’t just be cut down but efforts should be made to move and replant them elsewhere. It has taken 50 to 60 years for the trees to grow but just a few days to cut them down. How many 50- or 60-year-old trees are left in Ipoh?

  10. A population of good character will not generate as much “vice and misery,” and this is desirable for the health of the environment. Most environmental problems can be traced to human vices, especially greed. And it because of greed that human priorities are now out of balance. This will surely gives us a life that is destructive of both human values and the environment.

  11. What really matters to these destroyers is not the trees but the money that will roll in after the hotel is built. Greed takes center stage perpetuated by a need to profit at all cost. That’s the failure of humankind.

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