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It’s all speed ahead with Tenby Schools Ipoh as they continue to shape Malaysia’s leaders of the future.

Starting as a simple kindergarten for expatriate children in 1960, Tenby recently celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Over the years Tenby has developed Ipoh’s only international school offering a UK-style education alongside a private national school offering the Malaysian curriculum. Responding to the wishes of their customers, both schools provide learning in the English language to prepare their students as true global citizens. And sharing the best experiences in teaching and learning with each other, the schools have students ranging from pre-school to pre-university level.

Now, scholarships for A-Level students are available, courtesy of the SiWu Education Trust, announced the Director of Schools, Mdm. Lee Yam Sei (Mrs. Lai) at the glittering 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner held recently in the Grand Ballroom of Syuen Hotel. Following on from those already established for students in Year 10/Form 4, the new scholarships have been set up to ensure high-achieving and well-rounded students have access to the range of quality education provided by Tenby Schools.

Having started in January 2010, the Cambridge International A-Level Programme has met with the greatest enthusiasm not only by existing Tenby students but also by the many high achievers from government schools in Ipoh and around Perak who have come to study in the programme.

Mrs. Lai added, “We are providing the people of Ipoh with a much-needed service by introducing the Cambridge A-Level Programme. Many parents are getting more and more concerned about letting their children live by themselves in bigger cities owing to logistics and security issues. Furthermore, the education and experience one gets by studying in Tenby Schools amid an international community is far more enriching than that anywhere else.”

Over 600 members of the Tenby Schools community from past and present attended the gala dinner to honour their alma mater. They caught up with old friends and relived their happy memories of a school that had brought them all together. The lively entertainment for the evening – singing, dancing, cultural displays – was by courtesy of students, alumni and staff of the school, making it a truly Tenby evening for all.

All students in Tenby schools and from outside are encouraged to contact the school if they wish to apply for a scholarship. Tenby will offer free places to high achieving young people in Year 10 of its International School, Form 4 of its National School and in the A-Level Centre.

The schools look forward to another fifty glorious years and with the availability of the Cambridge A-Level Programme, Tenby now provides complete and holistic education to its students – in every sense of the word.

For more information and scholarship application, contact Tenby Schools Ipoh at 05-2538530 or email:

Yeun Yin Fong

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