Will 2011 Be A ‘Clean’ Year For Ipoh?


By James Gough

Before. The visit by the Raja Muda in September 2010
Before. Houses blocked by rubbish in the foreground

It took a royal visit for a major clean-up campaign in Rapat Setia to occur, much to the delight and relief of residents there. The visit by the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah to Taman Harmony and Taman Rapat Koperasi at the beginning of last September has helped to brighten up the environment.

It needed 600 lorry-loads to remove the estimated 12,000 tons of ‘mainly construction waste’ in the area. The mammoth task of cleaning-up the illegal rubbish dumps was undertaken by a contractor engaged by the Ipoh City Council.

After. The same area as of December 2010

Yet, it is far from over. Despite the removal of the wastes, which took about a month, there are still a lot more scattered over a wide area close to housing estates and more money will be needed to be spent on clearing them.

Illegal Rubbish Dumps and Open Burnings are a Health Hazard

The illegal rubbish dumps and open burnings had been a problem for the residents for many years. They pose a health hazard and although several complaints had been made, no action was taken until now.

Ipoh Echo had, through its on-going “Dirt Vigilantes” campaign, urged its readers to submit photographs and details of filthy places in the city.

In response to the campaign, a “disappointed” resident in Rapat Setia wrote in. His letter was highlighted in IE 103 and received the immediate attention of the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah, who insisted on personally inspecting the affected area.

Raja Nazrin’s move created a scramble at the State Government and City Council. The State Secretary Dato’ Dr. Abdul Rahman and Mayor Dato’ Haji Roshidi Hashim accompanied Raja Nazrin to Taman Harmony and Taman Rapat Koperasi.

The visit by Raja Nazrin has resulted in the residents now being able to breathe fresh air without inhaling particulates and suffering the noxious smells of open burning being wafted from the nearby limestone hills.

Amazing Transforma-tion: From Dumps to Green Patches

The clean-up covers a 500-metre stretch along a track. The area has now been transformed into a green patch with young trees sprouting and resembling a scenic residential environment – the way it should be.

Zulkifle Jaafar Sidek, MBI’s Director for Community Affairs

MBI’s Director for Community Affairs Zulkifle Jaafar Sidek clarified that “clean up work was still ongoing and that only one third of the area closest to the housing area had been cleared and had cost the council RM12,000 thus far”.

Regarding the balance of the area covering about two kilometres to be cleared, Zulkifle stated that notices have been sent to the current owners consisting of the State, TNB and private parties and he’s awaiting responses from them to take further action. Based on the size, Zulkifle estimated that it would take a year to completely clean up the entire area.

On complaints about open burnings still rampant in the area, the city council’s enforcement officers had checked but were unable to apprehend any offenders.

Praises for Raja Nazrin

Residents in the area are jubilant and full of praise for Raja Nazrin for showing his concern of the problem. They claimed that the Royal visit has sparked off the clean up and had the Raja Muda not shown a personal interest in the problem, it would not have happened.

Resident Khairul Anuar

Saiful Nizam, an officer with the State Religious Council, whose house is located just next to the cleaned up area is “happy” that the area is clean as “the way it should be”. Another resident Khairul Anuar, who has been living there for nine years, stated that “now potential thieves cannot hide in the bushes anymore. All that is needed now is regular maintenance”.

According to Khairul and Saiful, illegal burning would occur every week before the clean up began and would leave a film of ash on their cars thereafter. Currently there is still open burning taking place but not as regularly as three months ago.

Compounds Issued

At an interview during the Royal visit to the dumpsite last September. Mayor Dato’ Roshidi stated that he would enforce the law for indiscriminate throwing of rubbish. Thus, over a three- month period to December 20, several compounds had been issued for illegal dumping in the area.

Today. Rubbish is cleared...

Restore Ipoh’s Clean City Image

More revealing is what could be achieved if the relevant authorities took the time and effort to restore Ipoh’s past image as the “cleanest city”.

Meanwhile, all residents in the city need to be more civic conscious and not throw rubbish indiscriminately.

Ipoh Echo is also thrilled by the result of its efforts and will continue with its “Dirt Vigilantes” campaign by highlighting filthy places in the city. Readers are urged to be our vigilantes in an effort to strive for a cleaner environment.

7 thoughts on “Will 2011 Be A ‘Clean’ Year For Ipoh?

  1. One of the main reason of illegal casual dumping is because lack of rubbish bin.
    If you notice that there are hardly any rubbish bin at every street corner.
    I wonder what is MBI doing .. Really disappointed.

  2. Is MBI waiting instruction to clean up ipoh?If yes, then check out pizzahut and KFC in Cowan street.The tong sampah behind the two outlets is unbearable.Longkang also busuk.you will catch the smell if pass by looking for car park.

  3. If DBI is really serious, they should offer a reward to the public who give photographic evidence and details of the culprits. Even a small reward of RM 50.00 is very attractive.

    I for one will be waiting with my HP to take photos of the culprits.

    Then again this will never happen in Bolehland.

  4. looks like from now on HRH Raja Nazrin has to turun padang more often so that MBI will finally start paying attention to our complaints … the ppl of ipoh are still waiting for the issue of straying cattle to be resolved , please don’t drag your feet any longer MBI and prove that only royal intervention can help solve the problem !!

  5. Do MBI need to be told what to do and act? If that is so,then we need to constantly highlight issues to HRH to make sure they are resolved! Shame on you MBI for not being proactive.So much for 1Malaysia:Rakyat Didahulukan…

  6. Thank you your highness for pulling up the mbi’s socks and giving the mayor a kick in his butt. This proves beyond doubt that personnel at mbi are not doing their daily work in earnest.We only hear the never ending story of man power shortage…. Take a look around and see how many of these mbi staff are in the fish markets and coffee shops during office hours. There is no proper supervision of staff and its playtime all day long and not worktime. Thank you again your royal highness. Looks like you may have to do more field trips tuanku to help us ipohites

  7. Just do the numbers – the clean up cost MYR20 per load. Wow that is cheap.

    MYR12,000 could have been have been saved if city hall were more vigilant. On first notice the guy who created the mess could have been hauled up and fined massively (well how about MYR12k for starters).

    Are there no longer field inspectors patrolling the city limits for illegal dumping activities or any illegal activity of any nature ?

    Likewise are there road inspectors regularly checking the status of city roads ? Depressions exceeding 25mm especially manhole covers are a danger to motorcyclists. This is just an example as I know the MBI blokes are quite thick and have to be told exactly what to do otherwise it will be misconstrued to mean what they want it to mean – am I right ?

    Just asking the question chaps – don’t get your knickers in a twist.

    Well done your Highness – looks like you caught MBI with their pants down ! Do it more often please.

    Oh by the way, if MBI did their job, there wouldn’t be a need for the “dirt vigilantes”.

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