Bercham to have another Entrance


Bercham, a high-density area east of the city, is to have another access road. The application for a link from the highway, designed to be located in the immediate area fronting the Giant hypermarket under construction, has been approved.

According to JKR State Director Dato’ Ir Dr. Safry Kamal, the application for the link was made a year ago by Giant Hypermarket. The hypermarket is currently under construction at Medan Bercham Bistari and its location is immediately parallel to the North-South Highway. It is scheduled for completion around the middle of this year.

Dr. Safry Kamal said that two important aspects for granting the approval are: 1) safety to the public and road users, and 2) there must not be the possibility of bottlenecks or hindrance to the flow of traffic.

“A traffic study as well as a Road Safety Audit (RSA) has been done and found to be feasible to proceed with the project,” he said.

Dr. Safry however added that the city council too has made an alternative proposal to have the entrance and exit at the Ipoh East Industrial area and are currently designing a flow linking it to the traffic lights on Bercham main road.

The city council’s design plan will be ready next month and the link would be open by the middle of this year to coincide with the opening of the hypermarket.

Bercham’s city councillor David Lai Kong Phooi said another entrance to the area had been long felt necessary. It would ease the traffic flow in and out of Bercham, which is bordered between Medan Ipoh, Tanjung Rambutan and Tasek and covers an area of 8,877 hectares of which 56% of the land is utilised for housing, industry and agriculture. As at 2009 the population of Bercham was 150,000.


3 thoughts on “Bercham to have another Entrance

  1. Exactly Steven!!! Why else on earth Giant would propose an entrance there? Same thing happened when Tesco opened beside Jusco.

    Convenience only for the shoppers.

  2. It is incredulous what the JKR Director said, especially on the RSA. He only have to get off his behind and see the traffic conditions during peak hours to know what is really happening.

    This so-called entrance to Bercham in reality is only to Giant hypermarket. It would be impossible to go further into Bercham without getting onto the jammed-pack main Bercham road. The alternative is a winding route on residential roads.

    If this is the entrance, where is the exit? It looks likely the exit will be onto the main Bercham road. So JKR makes it easy for people to go to Giant but makes it hell for the entire Bercham.

    The full blame must be laid on MBI! Anyone can see that it is plain wrong and stupid to allow the building of a hypermarket in that location, especially when there is a traffic bottleneck on the main road nearby. The Datuk Bandar has very much to explain for this folly.

  3. Another entrance to Bercham? That’s the bad news for Bercham folks. The residents over here were complaining about
    the exit and now another ingress to the proposed supermarket which in turns everyone shall exit to the main road, Jalan Bercham near the petrol kiosk.
    Another coming commercial developments near Tesco Extra, so the exit also to Jalan Bercham and imagine the traffic!
    Please do some survey of traffic flow and think about a proposed wider road exit instead of vice versa.

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