Junior Hockey Training By Kelab Sukan 30-50 Ipoh


About Hockey

When one talks about hockey to the players of yesteryear their memory floats back to the hockey team of 1975 when Malaysia came fourth in the World Cup. That achievement was definitely a catalyst that spurred the growth of hockey at all levels. The inter school hockey competition  in Ipoh Padang in the late 70s and early 80’s used to generate so much interest. The keen competition was only matched by the intense rivalry of the respective supporters. Then hockey was played at a recreational level in the evenings as how football is even played today. However with the advent of sports schools and the need for excellence in education to secure places in institutions of higher learning, the fate of hockey has been relegated to a sport of the bygone era. We cannot see hockey being played in the evenings anywhere.

History of Kelab Sukan 30-50 Ipoh

However there are still amongst us who love the game of hockey, so much so that in the late 80’s a loose coalition of player who have played at district, state, national and international level got together and founded a hockey club, called the Kelab Sukan 30-50 Ipoh. This club was meant for players who have passed their prime in terms of playing but still interested in knocking the ball around. The Kelab was officially registered on April15, 1998 and it has around 20 members at the moment. Even though it is funded by the members the Kelab Sukan 30-50, Ipoh can boast of a club house at Medan Istana which is frequented by members and their families.


The members regularly get together to play hockey every Saturday in Sultan Azlan Shah turf in the evening. The Kelab also regularly plays host to local as well as out station and foreign veteran hockey teams. The outstation as well as the foreign teams are normally hosted at the club house with refreshments and drinks after the game in a relaxed atmosphere. The epitome of the Kelab’s activity is the hosting of the annual veterans hockey fest (40 years and above). The recent 13th Hockey Invitation held on October 2, 2010 attracted a record number of 12 teams from all over the country which was held at the Sultan Azlan Shah turf and thereafter a dinner was hosted for all the participating teams. Also a ‘pot-luck’ style dinner is held regularly where all the members and their family get together for a night out.

Junior Hockey Programme

As hockey is hardly played as a recreational game it is not hard to foresee its future. Therefore in order to attempt its revival, the Kelab decided to run a junior hockey clinic for children ranging from the ages of 5 to 18 years. The programme has been successfully ongoing for 10 years. For those who are interested in sending your children. The junior hockey clinic is held every Saturday at the Sultan Azlan Shah turf (subject to availability of turf) from 3-5 p.m. A fee of RM30 is charged per child for every 10 sessions as the money is needed to defray the cost of booking the turf and payment of other incidentals. Those interested in sending your children can contact either Mr. S.V. Namasoo (012-5083702) or Mr. Thambirajah (016-5233442) for further information.

Let’s keep the game of hockey alive. Anyone who falls within the category of veterans and interested in a workout at the turf can join us during the weekend.

S.V. Namasoo