Ladies Uptown Ipoh


In line with the state government’s objective to inculcate self-reliance among the needy in society, Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan (YBUDR), is providing single mothers an opportunity to engage in small businesses based on their individual capabilities.

The programme named, Ladies Uptown Ipoh, is tailor-made for selected single mothers, 29 in all and those who are already in business but are having problems expanding. The venue is Persiaran Bougainvillea, the open space fronting MBI complex.

“Many are of the opinion that the bazaar is just another pasar malam,” said Isfarina Mohd Bali, YBUDR’s customer service manager. “Unlike pasar malam, the goods sold here are unique. They include handicrafts, foodstuffs, clothing etc,” she remarked.

“We monitor participants’ progress and advise them accordingly. And that includes funding, if need be. Our motive is to ensure quality not quantity,” Isfarina added. “Those keen on participating can apply direct to YBUDR or visit our website for details.”

Operators pay a nominal fee of RM25 per stall to YBUDR who then pays MBI. The fair is a weekly affair operating every Saturday between 6.00 p.m. to midnight. It was officially opened to the public last month by Dato’ Tan Chin Meng, MCA Ipoh Barat division chief.

In conjunction with the opening, a mini carnival was held, which included activities such as karaoke and a costume contest for kids. The fun only stopped at around midnight when all raffle-drawn prizes were claimed by winners. To make the draw more meaningful, the organisers got each stall operator to provide a hamper consisting of their products which helped in promoting their wares.


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