3 thoughts on “Miclebina Properties

  1. My uncle & aunty were bought semi-detached house with this developer. But from their comment is the developer very good. They very helpful when my uncle has complaint even small matter. My uncle fully recommend me to buy this house cause price cheaper than nearest and i really like the house design.

  2. to whomever who wish to buy houses in this area,
    please do not buy the house as the developer is very sneaky. trust me, i bought one

    1. the paint is peeling. after i made a complaint, they repainted and the paint is the cheaper quality, so it makes no difference.
    2. the porch has an extra stuff sticking out which has a lot of defect. it always leaks at the glass and the sides always drain the water into the house. it is suppose to serve the purpose of protecting against rain like an awning but it is a very terrible design thus, it is a sore eye.
    3.worst still, they were suppose to change the name of the quit rent but never do so after 2 yrs, after calling them they said they do not do it when last year i called they said they will do.

    but what can i say after all this, housing developers are not people to be trusted. if u still decide to buy, better get some warranty or things written in paper. they are ‘smart’.


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