New Dump Site below Kuala Kangsar Road Flyover


Residents living on Jalan Lang are concerned about the safety of the retaining walls of the flyover along Kuala Kangsar Road. They feel that the plants and trees growing in the gaps between the concrete slabs of the retaining wall could cause it to collapse.

When I visited the site to take photos, I noticed that plants and trees are growing on the wall and, more importantly, found that the ground below the flyover is being used as a dumping ground, especially for construction materials. There is a gap in the safety barrier along Jalan Anthony and unscrupulous people are using this space to enter and dump their wastes. The drains are also overgrown with grass and weeds preventing water from flowing freely. A number of drain pipes meant to carry rain water from the flyover to the ground are broken.

The land under the flyover and connecting roads is rather big. This ground can be converted into a park and the trees and flyover would provide shade. This would provide an ideal recreational facility for residents living in nearby housing estates.

Experts from MBI must visit the site and decide what remedial work has to be done to maintain the place.

A. Jeyaraj

1 thought on “New Dump Site below Kuala Kangsar Road Flyover

  1. “…Experts from MBI must visit the site and decide what remedial work has to be done to maintain the place…”

    The area below the flyover has been left unfinished since main contractor, Isyoda, demobilised. The works were dogged by long delays and somehow, it got “finished”.

    I reckon they have already been paid their retention sum and do not have to look back this particular contract.

    What surprises me is how on earth the City Hall inherited this problem. The works were being supervised the design consultant on behalf of JKR. So how come the consultant, JKR and City Hall signed off on the job with no secure fencing to block off access underneath the flyover. Without an access, there can be no “dumping” of waste.

    City Hall has been left with the short end of the stick in this case and I can only imagine their vector control team now has to release more genetically modified aedes mosquitoes to combat the disease carrying ones that infest the area due to stagnant puddles.

    sic ’em bugs….

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