Easy Rider

Easy Riders - Sam Cheong (2nd from left in blue)

Folding bicycles are not new. However, with a little imagination one can have a fun and adventurous weekend.

Bike Leader, Sam Cheong, from Kuala Lumpur (he’s the leader because he thought up the idea) was aware of the Ipoh Heritage Trail maps available.

He proposed his idea to his regular group of 13 bikers which was to take the train to Ipoh hand carrying their foldable bicycles along and follow the heritage trail maps upon arrival in Ipoh. The purpose was to view old buildings and have Ipoh food before returning to KL via the evening train.

Another biker, Chanson Lau demonstrated how to fold the bicycle in just over a minute. It was fast and easy and certainly is a practical solution for an adventure weekend.

When I met them at an exhibition at Garden Villa they were planning to go to Sunway Tambun for their next destination. I was glad to note that our local tourists are appreciating the local sights. Good on you bikers!

But come to think of it Taiping too would make a good biking destination. Locations are close to each other; it has lots of heritage buildings and good food too. Pity though that the train doesn’t stop there….yet.