Theresa Lim – Reaching Out Through Art


Theresa Lim Mun Sim was born and bred in Ipoh. She developed a keen interest in art from a young age and pursued her studies in Architecture at Sydney University. In 1956 she became the first woman architect from Perak. After her graduation she worked in Singapore and served as the Principal Lecturer in the Civil Engineering Building Department of the Singapore Polytechnic till 1987.

Under the tutorage of Chinese artists including Chen Wen Hsi and David Kwok she continued to nurture her passion for art throughout her career. As an expression of affection for her family and hometown she has published two books about growing up in Ipoh. She is eager to share the love she has received, through her painting and writing with fellow Ipohites. Her programme of activities can be found under Announcements. All proceeds will be donated to Autism Support Association for Parents, Ipoh, Perak (ASAP).