Can I Help You? English Language Workshop


Cosmopoint International College of Technology (CICT), Ipoh, organised an English language workshop recently. The workshop titled “Can I Help You?” was attended by 100 SPM school-leavers. It was coordinated and conducted by CICT’s two Senior English lecturers Mr. Kailash and Mr. Loga and officiated by Miss Joyce Chong, the principal of CICT.

The event consisted of games, songs, picture dictation, and conversational English. The students were exposed to all the four language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. The focus of the workshop was on fundamental speaking skills. Focusing on the theme, Mr. Loga elaborated and demonstrated to the students the significance of interpersonal skills, especially using language to communicate confidently and effectively with one another. The event started with having students introduce themselves to each other using English. Surprisingly, many of them used English without any difficulty, and the workshop proceeded at an exhilarating pace.

The students’ response, excitement, and curiosity in all the activities were beyond expectation. The crowd left with smiling and joyful faces, and the feedback CICT received was positive. The event ended with a lucky draw and prize giving by Miss Joyce Chong.