Greening Greentown


Mayor Roshidi onsite

Ipoh City Council’s plan to develop Persiaran Tugu along MBI’s Terrace at Greentown into a “greener and cleaner” area is on course.

Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim, who inspected the site recently, told media that the project, which began last November, is scheduled for completion by April.

Persiaran Tugu is the location where open-air foodstalls operate nightly, providing an outdoor café ambience. However, due to poor planning and “unconventional” water supply and inadequate drainage, the area had a stench from food wastes and clogged drains. Apart from these, customer safety was compromised by having chairs and tables being placed alongside the road.

Under the current upgrading work, proper work stations comprising of piped water, a sink and grease trap for each mobile operator will be constructed. The work stations will be located at the parking area, which will be a car park during the day. The parking lot will be paved with interlocking tiles.

Artist impression of completed MBI Terrace

For safety, the road has been turned into a one-way street with traffic originating from Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said. Additionally, the seating area for customers will be away from traffic and will allow for trees to be planted and better lighting.

According to Roshidi, contrary to public perception the upgrading work will allow for 72 parking lots which is 17 more than the previous 55 lots. The upgrading work, covering an area of 800 x 30m, along Persiaran Tugu will cost the Council RM812,000.


4 thoughts on “Greening Greentown

  1. 2 thumbs up to Steven and Desertbug’s comments. Can’t believe they allowed stalls to operate there at all. And even spending taxpayer’s $$$ to build nice stalls for them. And just the other week, the night makan places behind Tesco, where tables and chairs were placed on the roadside, the big truck with enforcement officers were there to “confiscate” any tables and chairs that are placed on the road, thereby forcing the operators to keep them inside the crammed shops. That’s driving away customers. And that, is 1Malaysia for you!

  2. Just got another parking saman yesterday,my 18th just in Greentown area.
    Already stand by with my lawyer with video attached to fight for this dammed stupid parking problems and the enforcements.

  3. While it is a good to install grease traps, who is going to collect the grease? How often is the collection, and how and where will the collected grease be disposed off? If grease is not collected from traps that are full, grease will overflow into the drain. The underground placement of the grease traps also makes it difficult to collect grease from the traps.

    The size of the grease traps is a big concern. How much can the traps hold, especially with food scraps? Grease might not be much but food scraps can quickly fill up the traps. It would have been best to construct a large central grease trap which is able to contain more grease and food scrap as well as separate grease from food scraps. Did MBI seek expert advice or rely on their own little knowledge and experience?

    From the drawing that shows the position of the grease trap, it seems that MBI expects food trucks to be used to prepare food, which will direct grease straight into the trap and limit the area that will be dirtied by cooking. However, it is common for stall operators to set up a cooking area at the roadside. If this practice is allowed to continue, grease and food scraps will be washed and swept into the drain when the stall operators clean up (or leave it to MBI cleanup workers the next day).

  4. Good grief, many apologies to whoever has read some of my opinions, it is not that I am on a crusade to whack the mayor but some of his statements make the hairs on my neck stand, not to mention the nether parts.

    For instance “….. open-air foodstalls operate nightly, providing an outdoor café ambience. However, due to poor planning and “unconventional” water supply and inadequate drainage, the area had a stench from food wastes and clogged drains…..” HEY brother, where did you crawl out of…..the drainage system is not designed to carry food waste. It should never have been allowed in the first place. Stall owners dumping food waste and table scraps into an open drain is like inviting an uncontrolled vector problem. MANA SCHOOL MARI this clown !!! Where were your health inspectors – oh I forgot, this place comes alive after working hours, therefore, this problem “never” existed ubtil the mayor woke up !!!!

    On top of that, the “greening” plan. Hey brother, Greentown WAS green before the twisted way the area was developed (minimal green spatial massing design. The natural greens, huge (uninsurable) trees made way for typical Malaysian type “development” and now rate payers money is used to RE-GREEN the area !!!! WAIT A MINUTE BRO, this does not make any cow sense to me. Spend money cut tree, spend money re-plant cheap crappy tree !!!! By the way, the artist impressions are not quite “there”. Straight lines with an emphasis on the colour green, does not constitute adeqaute greening !!!! It is laughable that our city hall is not capable of procuring a more creative landscaper, perhaps it was done “in house”…!! OMG. Horrendous.

    Oh and by the way, parking there was always a problem and increasing the number by 17 – won’t make any difference to the problem. This increase is just insufficent. Get real, get a brain.

    ok sorry again, but this chap running Ipoh city is a dud ! A spade is being called a spade here, I make no more apologies. Let’s vote for a mayor next time.

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