One-Stop Cultural Centre


Plans to convert the open space at the State Department of Culture and Arts into a one-stop cultural centre were realised with the launching of the department’s calendar of events for 2011 recently. Executive Councillor for Culture, Youth and Sports, Dato’ Zainol Fadzi Paharuddin, said the department has planned a total of 117 activities for the year. Some of the major events on the department’s list are “Merakyatkan Seni Budaya”, “Kuliah Budaya” and “Bengkel Kemahiran dan Manifestasi Bahasa”. These programmes are tailor- made for those keen on taking an active role in Malay perfor-ming arts.

“I hope individuals and performing arts groups will make use of this opportunity for their benefit,” said Dato’ Zainol to Ipoh Echo. Zainol too hoped that the programmes would enable Perakians to appreciate culture and arts more intimately. “It’s an enriching and a life-long experience,” he added.

Department Director, Encik Abdul Mutalib Abdul Rahman, was optimistic that cultural activities, which he had initiated based on the 1Malaysia concept, such as the “Senaman Seni 1Malaysia” and the multi-racial cultural dances, had achieved their desired results.

The programme will be held on a monthly basis at the one-stop centre within the department’s compound. “Despite its frequency, I am certain visitors and art lovers will get the information and training they seek,” said Mutalib. “Its relocation from Ipoh’s Night Bazaar is most appropriate considering the ambience and its proximity to our work place.”