Charged for Shooting Tiger



Four Orang Asli men are in the dock for allegedly shooting dead a tiger with a borrowed shotgun belonging to a Rela friend.

The four are being charged for an offence under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 which carries a maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment or a fine of RM15,000 or both. The four are being tried at the Tapah Magistrate Court.

On February 7, 2010, Malay daily, Kosmo, reported a case of a tiger attack on an Orang Asli man who was on his way to collect petai. A dead tiger was later found by an officer from the Department of Wild Life and National Parks sent to investigate the incident. The dead animal was shot in the head and caught in a snare in the Bukit Tapah Forest Reserve.

The accused are being represented by Augustine Anthony and Amani Williams-Hunt (Bah Tony). The prosecution team is led by Puan Natrah.

During cross-examination on Thursday, February 24, a witness from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks created a furore when he could not locate the serial number of the shotgun used. Someone from the gallery, through a court official, helped him by unlocking the barrel. The defence counsel protested, as this was a breach in court proceedings. The infringement was placed on records by the magistrate after some heated exchanges between Augustine and Natrah.

Magistrate, Mohd. Fairus Ismail, adjourned the hearing to April 6 and 7.