Need to Revamp Ipoh Bus Routes


Although old buses are gradually replaced by those new hard wooden seat buses, there needs to be proper planning so that seniors or children will be benefited. I noticed that the Short bus registered by Perak Transit (blue colour) runs until Kanthan Baru. Why are there now four bus companies using the Jalan Kuala Kangsar Road to Ipoh from Tasek, but none plying from Tasek to Bercham? Of course it will be better as people can save time going from Tasek to Tesco or Jaya Jusco. Later when The Giant comes up bus services here will be a necessity. I hope the authorities will look into it.

Chris Ng Chong Phee
Taman Mewah, Ipoh.

1 thought on “Need to Revamp Ipoh Bus Routes

  1. I fully agreed with Chris,the public transport in Ipoh is still poor,as mentioned by him. For example, early in the morning we see school children walking from Kg Tasek to school in Bercham, quite a long distance. There still exist bus stops built three decades ago, but no bus service, very sad, hope the authority or the respective wakil there will do something!

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