Curry Puff


From fancy tea parties to fun fairs to potlucks, one can’t go wrong with curry puffs. It’s one of those one-is-not-enough foods. A spicy savoury potato curry filling is encased in crispy pastry dough. The pastry can be shortcrust or puff. Prices depend on what is in the filling or if there is any meat in the filling. Most ‘street’ curry puffs are meatless and best eaten hot. Here are a few that you can buy ‘on the run’.

Restaurant Sri Ananda Bahwan
(7.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m.)
7 & 11, Persiaran Bijih Timah, Ipoh (Little India).
Tel.: 05-2539798.
The filling has curry leaves, is flavourful and the pastry is flaky and crisp – RM0.80.

Veranda beside Restoran Hong Kong
(from 12.30 p.m.)
60 Jln Lee Kwee Foh, Canning Garden.
Popular for da pao (pickups); some days the filling is spicier – RM0.50

M.A. Catering & Goreng Pisang Stall (3.30-7.30 p.m.)
25 Laluan Buntong Jaya 8, RPT Buntong 3 Tambahan, Buntong.
Tel.: 016-5483622/016-5906597/014-6024283.
At 40 sen the curry puffs are tasty and a good size.

Simee Market – outside the first sundry stall next to the food stalls
The puffs are a good size, filling has meat (non-halal), is tasty and not too spicy. Pastry is crispy – RM1.20.