Motivating Students


Children today, unlike their parents in the past, can seek information from many sources. Information Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and unless students are exposed to such a technology they will be left behind in the rat race.

Information Technology, however, has its downside. If children are being exposed to the wrong kind of information, they will invariably end up on the wrong end of the social spectrum. Keeping tabs on children is a daunting task considering what parents undergo to eke out a living in these trying times.

With this in mind, Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan (YBUDR) with the collaboration of the security and development committee of Kampong Raja, Parit, conducted a joint motivational course for 80 primary school students of Sekolah Kebangsaan Parit recently. The students will be sitting for their UPSR examination soon.

The one-day course was held at the village community hall. Fifty parents were in attendance to gauge its benefits. The students were taught time management and answering techniques on all five subjects slated for the examination. The parents, on the other hand, were told of their responsibilities and how to be effective role models.

Adun of Belanja, Dato’ Hj Mohd Zaim Abu Hasan, officiated at the function. The foundation was represented by its senior officers, Yusof Nordin, Khairul Shahril and See Teng Seng.