Police Dialogue


The much anticipated dialogue between the Police and Ipoh’s business community got off to a rousing start at the Senior Police Officers’ Mess, Ipoh on Friday, March 18. Some 120 participants representing chambers of commerce, business associations and NGOs were present for a discourse with the Perak Police Chief, DCP Dato’ Mohd Shukri Dahlan. The purpose of the meeting, said Shukri, was to get to know Ipoh’s business community, to hear their problems and offer solutions where possible.

There is a need to reduce crime, as it has a direct relationship with investment. “Investors’ interests must be protected otherwise they’ll shun Perak,” said Shukri. He alluded to the recent theft of condoms worth RM850,000 stolen while being transported to Port Klang from Batu Gajah. The empty containers which were shipped to Japan would give Malaysia a bad name.

The police chief seemed disappointed why Rakan Cop is not being optimised by Perakeans. Information received via text messaging dealt mostly with traffic jams and other insignificant matters. “The Police need information on drug trafficking and illicit activities.” He implored those present to make use of Rakan Cop as a medium for interaction with the police. “It’s an effective tool in crime prevention.”

On the question of deterrence, the police chief would take immediate steps to increase police presence in Greentown Business Centre, where the bulk of the city’s business community is concentrated.

Not much was gleaned from the participants as most were asking questions that were not relevant to the dialogue. Queries such as licensing procedures and limitations were posed. “This is beyond our jurisdiction,” said Shukri.