Windfall for Tamil Schools


The state government has allocated RM50,000 for Tamil schools in Perak. The money will be utilised to improve students’ performance via custom-made programmes aimed at achieving a definitive target. Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan (YBU) has been tasked to organise, conduct and coordinate these programmes based on current needs.

The emphasis, according to Dato’ Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid, executive councillor for Education, Human Resources and ICT, will be on motivation, tutorials and related co-curriculum activities of relevance to the students. “We’ll concentrate on rural Tamil schools, especially those in the estates which are out of mainstream developments,” said Mohammad in his address at the close of the 1Malaysia Seminar held at YBU hall in Greentown Square, Ipoh recently.

The one-day seminar was attended by 130 headmasters of Tamil schools from outlying areas of Perak. The objective of the forum was to impress upon the participants the responsibilities they play as educators within the Indian community.

“The school heads will act as agents to disseminate information on development programmes to estate folks. They’ll also be our sources of information,” said V. Elango, YBU’s 1Malaysia Unit chief. More of such seminars will be held in the months ahead. “We’ll invite Indian NGOs to participate in the next seminar.”

The seminar, among others, dwells on the concepts of 1Malaysia and Perak Amanjaya. The discussion is being conducted by staff of Institute Darul Ridzuan.

On a related matter, YBU has produced a song book in English and Tamil along with a CD for distribution to Tamil pre-school pupils in the state. “These educational aids can help enhance pupils’ performance,” Elango remarked.


3 thoughts on “Windfall for Tamil Schools

  1. Thanks for the interesting news for a start. Please dont forget the rural and poor Tamil Preschools. They also need your support. Perhaps Persatuan Guru Tadika (Perak) can be supportive in this matter.

  2. The BN Government hasn’t been this kind since the political tsunami of 3/08. Now Jibby and Co are tripping over one another to assist the Chinese, Indians, Orang Asli and other minorities.

    Before 3/08 you can cry yourself hoarse not a single sen will come your way. In that context, even a ringgit is a windfall, Sundralingam.

    Btw, Jibby doled out RM500 million to curry favour with Sarawakians in order to win the recent state election.

    Who gonna bear the brunt of this over-indulgence? Our children and their children, of course.

    Yet they talked about accountability, transparency and transformation. Gimme a break, brother.

  3. Its good for a start that RM50,000 for the improvement of the students based programs, especially in Tamil schools. But the heading of this article ” Windfall for Tamil Schools” is misleading.

    For your information, there are about 136 Tamil Primary Schools in Perak.
    I am certain that RM50,000 is actually “chicken feed”. Probably its a good start by the State Government, but please allocate a workable sum to all these Tamil schools. My question is RM50,000 a windfall?

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