Men Against Violence


Tranquil Kampung Baru Chenderong was bustling with activity during the Kampar District “Men Against Violence” road show recently. Jointly organised by Wanita UMNO and the Kampar Parliamentary Committee, the show saw the involvement of 13 non-governmental organisations such as the Perak Women for Women Society, Buddies and Majlis Kanser Nasional. The theme was “Stop, Restrain, Think” which was aimed at creating awareness among men about violence against women. It was also to educate women on their rights and protection. Students from SMK Dato’ Bendahara CM Yusuf, SMK Malim Nawar, SMK Sultan Yussuf, SMJK Yuk Kwan, SMK St Bernadette’s Convent and SMK Toh Indera Wangsa Ahmad were present as well.

“By supporting this cause, men can contribute to harmonious family living,” said the organising chairperson, Datin Norma Hanum. According to her, the programme is the first of its kind in Malaysia. It was launched by Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri DiRaja Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir last year. Adun for Tualang Sekah, Nolee Ashilin, vouched for the establishment of a shelter home for battered women.

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, a prominent women’s rights advocate, was the guest of honour. In her opening remarks, she said that of the 3,600 abuse cases reported nationwide, 261 were from Perak. “Changes can happen if we change our perception. When violence against women is reduced, crime rate will automatically drop,” she remarked.



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  1. The next please stand against the laws that discriminate against women.
    For example:-

    1. The Guardianship of Infants Act.
    2. The Distribution Act 1958.
    3. Income Tax Act 1967.
    4. Immigration Act 1963.
    Under the act, it is difficult for a Malaysian woman to bring
    her non-Malaysian husband into the country. But it is not a problem
    the other way around.
    5. Bankruptcy Act 1967.
    6. Employees Social Security Act 1969.

    And the list goes on…………………………….!

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