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PPAF: Perak Dance Festival (1-2 July)


On 1-2 July, dance lovers will be treated to a lavish celebration of dance in the Perak Dance Festival.  Local and foreign dance troupes of various nationalities, cultures and ethnic groups will showcase their talent in various genres over two days. Ipoh’s Titans from SMJK Ave Maria, Bangkok City Ballet, Singapore Dance Theatre, ASWARA, Taiwan Duet, National Competition Winners, My DanceSpot and United Groovers from Danz People, Singapore are set to dazzle Perakians with spectacular dance routines.

A workshop for dance enthusiasts will also be conducted by ASWARA, a full-time dance company striving for artistic excellence and aspiring to become a shining example of Malaysia’s plurality through its repertoire and the ethnicity of company members.

The two-day festival, held at Dewan Bankuet, SUK, Ipoh, features the following events:
Dance Festival: Friday 1 July, 8pm
Dance Workshop:
Saturday 2 July, 9.30am-11am/11.30am-1pm
Dance Performances:
Saturday 2 July, 2.30-5pm
Dance Gala
:  Saturday 2 July, 8pm

28, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, 31400 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan.
Tel and Fax No: 05-5487814
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For further information, please contact
Festival Hotline – 016-5334757 or Witzi Leong at 012-5088818

Annual Wushu Tournament


The 2 day annual Perak Wushu Championship organized by the Federation of Wushu, Dragon & Lion Dance Perak (FWP), for the juniors and seniors concluded smoothly on 12 June 2011.

Wushu Club Poi lam School

The event, held at the Fu Joh Seah Cultural and Sports Association hall at Pasir Pinji attracted over 300 participants from 15 schools and associations with the age of the youngest participants at 8 years old.

The tournament was divided into two categories, Taolu and Sanshou.

Taolu has a combination of 3 types of bare-hand fixed forms (Changquan, Nanquan & Taijiquan) and 4 types of weapons (sword, broad sword, spear & cudgel).

Sanshou, on the other hand, focuses on combat skill with 11 weight classes for Juniors of 15 years old onwards and men and women of not older than 35 years old. Exponents spar under the International Sanshou Rules & Regulations for the best of 3 rounds.

Choong Yeuan Jer,15, winner in the Taolu Spear category. On her left is Dato Ooi Foh Sing, President Federal Chin Woo Athletic Assn.

According to a spokesman for the association, Wushu has been approved as an event in Malaysian School Sports Meetings and special purpose Wushu personnel have been appointed and deployed to pave the way for more Wushu classes in schools.

Accordingly, on July 9 &10 next month, the Federation of Wushu Malaysia together with FWP will host the National Sanshou Selection in Ipoh with the objective of selecting capable athletes to represent Malaysia at the upcoming international events at the Asian Youth Wushu Championship, Shanghai in August, World Wushu Championship in Turkey in October and the South East Asia Games at Indonesia in December.

A National Training Course of Sanshou for Coaches and Judges is also scheduled in July in Ipoh.

Non-Government funded independent schools may also take part in this event. For enquiry and information, kindly e-mail to


Dedicated Fire Fighting Volunteers of Pasir Pinji


Stephen Ng Lai Peng

Members of the Voluntary Fire Fighting Unit of Pasir Pinji are dedicated to saving lives and properties in their densely populated area of largely wooden and zinc houses.

They are drawn from various walks of life, which include young graduates, traders and retirees. Currently there are 55 volunteers including 10 women. Their ages range from 18 to 70.

The fire fighting unit was formed in 1992 following frequent bush fires, which threatened the houses in Pasir Pinji New Village and the surrounding housing estates.

Its formation was initiated by a former president of the Rotary Club of Ipoh, Mr. Chan Swee Yee. Thirty members were trained by the Fire and Rescue Department and given certificates as qualified fire fighters.

The fire fighting unit’s founding chairman, Stephen Ng Lai Peng, said the Fire and Rescue Department have given them a vehicle, including a pump, hoses and tools to carry out their duties. However, the unit is faced with the problem of having to pay for insurance and road-tax for the vehicle.

Another pressing problem is that the volunteers are not insured against injuries sustained while carrying out their duties.

Stephen, a 65-year-old retired headmaster, who was one of the two recipients of the Ipoh Rotary Club’s Pride of Workmanship Award recently, added that over the years they had successfully put out five major fires and many minor ones.

They also train residents on prevention of fire and fire-fighting. The residents are encouraged to keep a fire extinguisher in their houses.

The members are also called on to burn beehives and hornets’ nests and this is done at night. They also carry out routine maintenance work on fire hydrants in Pasir Pinji and surrounding areas.

According to Stephen, posters have been put up in Pasir Pinji to inform the public of their services. Their office is located at 282, Jalan Sultan, Pasir Pinji, but is not permanently manned.

The Government does not give any funding and they have to raise their own funds.

Steven said that the response time after receiving a call is between 5 to 10 minutes depending on the distance. Steven can be contacted at 012-5822007.

The other recipient of the Ipoh Rotary Club’s Pride of Workmanship Award was Tan Swee Kong, chairman of the security unit of Kampong Bercham.

A. Jeyaraj


Ahmad in Dire Straits


Former Ipoh Municipal sweeper, Ahmad Idris, 80, is in dire straits. Indisposed and in poor health, he is confined to his bed at his house in Taman Meru 2C, Jelapang and cared for by his wife, Mariam Putih Nikmat, 71. The couple have three married daughters but they seldom return home to check on their parents. “I can’t blame them, as they have problems of their own,” said Mariam to Ipoh Echo.

Ahmad’s monthly pension can barely see them through. A major portion of it goes to paying his housing loan and buying diapers to keep him dry. Ahmad is diabetic and requires medication which he can ill afford. “I am left with only RM142 after all the deductions,” he declared.

Ahmad’s hard luck story caught the attention of PERMAI (Persatuan Persara Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh) or the Association of Ipoh City Council Retirees. The association, formed in December 1, 2009, looks into the welfare of retired council workers and seeks ways to improve their lot. It currently has over 80 members and operates from a shop lot in Greentown – a gift from the council.

Former mayor and PERMAI President, Dato’ Mohamad Rafiai Moktar, presented Ahmad with groceries, household necessities, boxes of diapers and cash worth over RM1,000 recently. The handing-over ceremony, held at the retiree’s in Taman Meru, was witnessed by association members, medical staff of Ipoh Specialist Hospital, students of Institute of Technology Perak and well-wishers.

The students helped to clean up Ahmad’s house while the medical staff of Ipoh Specialist Hospital attended to his medical needs. Ajimil Hussain Maidin, proprietor of Restaurant D’Niana, gave the retiree a portable-wheel toilet to help ease his suffering.

“The number of retirees keeps increasing every year”, said Rafiai in his opening address. “I hope they’ll become members of the association so we can help one another.” PERMAI’s Tel. & Fax is 05-2410355.



Station Hotel Ipoh


Iconic Moorish architecture Ipoh Railway Station is now bustling with activity since the introduction of the Electric Train Service between Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.

Quickly becoming the preferred mode of transportation, thousands of commuters pass through the railway station daily and the completion of the dual electric track had resulted in a massive renovation of the platforms, which are now connected with escalators and lifts. However, the old building is yet to be given a facelift by Keretapi Tanah Melayu so as to keep pace with the rest of the development.

A large section of the railway station has been closed for renovation. The question is whether it will include a hotel, such as the well-known old Station Hotel Ipoh?

“In my opinion it is timely and it’s an opportunity for the parties concerned to collaborate and bring the hotel back to its former glory,” said president of Perak Tourism Association, Hj. Mohd Odzman b. Abdul Kadir.

“Station Hotel Ipoh in its heyday was befitting to host dignitaries, corporate leaders and even the Royal families. I remember seeing our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman staying and dining at the hotel.”

“The proprietor even named one of the rooms as Tunku Abdul Rahman’s room. I have seen the late Raja of Perlis a number of times having his lunch at the hotel with other well-known personalities.”

Mohd. Odzman, who had his wedding reception at the hotel in 1974, said the hotel was renowned for its large rooms, en suite with a cloak room before entering the large bathroom. The restaurant on the ground floor was a fine dining restaurant specializing in good western and Chinese cuisine.

He urged the State Government to play its role by allocating a budget to refurbish the space on the ground floor. It can turn it into a one-stop Tourist Information Centre, souvenir outlets and even a small exhibition centre.

The landscape outside the hotel and garden in front also needs to be improved to match the restored grandeur of the overall facade.



Kellie’s Castle to Be Upgraded


Kellie’s Castle located in Batu Gajah will be given a RM5 million upgrade under the 10th Malaysia Plan allocation. The upgrade plans include an integrated amphitheatre, an English tea garden and a maze.

“The whole upgrade will focus on the surrounding exterior and will not touch Kellie’s Castle”. The upgrade plan was announced by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism Dato’ Dr. Ong Hong Peng when he visited Kellie’s Castle recently with officials from Batu Gajah District Office and the Economic Planning Unit.

Tenders will be called next month and work on the site is scheduled to start in August and expected to be completed between 15-18 months.

The number of visitors to Kellie’s Castle have reflected an increasing trend yearly of 48.4K (2008), 68.1K (2009) and 80K for 2010.

Ong also announced that his Ministry had allocated RM1.7 million for the Lata Kinjang Project and RM600K for Tasek Raban.



Simee Aged Feted


Impiana Hotel Ipoh together with Mayflower, visited the Home for the Aged (CWS), Kg Simee in Ipoh, and feted the residents with goodie bags, lunch and light entertainment from the Impiana’s resident band ‘Mac & Zel’.

More than 60 volunteers turned up and helped in cleaning the home while those with ‘green fingers’ assisted in gardening and landscaping.

Prior to the visit, Mayflower had organised a donation drive at their offices to collect basic necessities and cash. Thus far, Mayflower has managed to raise RM5,631 for the home.

Likewise, Impiana Hotel Ipoh pledged to donate RM3.00 for every room reservation confirmed from May 16 to May 31, 2011.

“We believe we need to help the less fortunate and will continue to give our undying support and help in any possible way”, said Carl Isaac, General Manager.

Public donations are much appreciated. Please contact Ms. Helen Lai at 05-547 3252 or visit the Home for the Aged (CWS) Simee at Jalan Kompleks Sukan, Simee, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.


Wavelight Refractive Suite – First In Asia Launched


Lee Eye Centre (LEC) launched their WAVELIGHT Refractive Suite which is the first commercial suite of its kind in the Asia Pacific Region. Dato’ Dr. Lee Yooi Chyun, Cha


irman of LEC, informed that the suite is the world’s fastest laser vision correction platform for disorders that include short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism. He added that the advanced technology is a cost-effective and convenient option for those who want to dispense with wearing spectacles and contact lenses and also for those who do not wish to be burdened with repeated corrective procedures.

Medical Director of LEC, Dr. Lee Mun Wai explained that the state-of-the-art suite with the integrated computer network provides a high level of safety when performing laser vision correction. The procedure is quick, less than ten minutes, safe and painless and requires only the use of eye drops as anaesthesia. Visual recovery is very fast and patients will be able to resume normal activities like driving, reading and computer usage within a day or two.

Dato’ Dr. Mah Hang Soon, State Exco member for Health officially launched the suite by unveiling the plaque and signing it.



Shiny Black Gold


I refer to your recent issue 121 and the report about the PSPA production “Shiny Black Gold” therein. Having seen the show I believe your reporter undersold the importance of this production which as their first ever totally in-house production was a very big step for PSPA. As reported, the script was entirely original and written by Datin Rosalina, but the originality went much further than that with a completely new musical score written to match the script and with many of the 50 plus actors never having been on the stage before. The skill with which the original film clips and photographs were blended into the on-stage activities was also very good and enhanced the performance dramatically. PSPA should be heartily congratulated for a job well done.

Your reporter also mentioned the senior citizens, but I believe that more important were the many young people, who not only saw an on-stage musical for the first time in their lives, but also learned a lot about their local history from the ipohWorld team and the Tenby School’s exhibition of antique mining artefacts on display in the theatre foyer. Displayed throughout the show’s run the exhibition linked the reality of our mining history with the show and undoubtedly enhanced the enjoyment for the youngsters who had probably never heard of dulangs or palongs before. This was a very smart move by PSPA and it was welcomed by all who visited it, young and old, including Raja Muda and the Executive Councillors.

Overall therefore, the production incorporating all the elements of history, drama, music, visual effects was a very important step in the life of PSPA and I look forward to Datin Rosalina and her team providing us with more such quality performances in the future.

By the way, I would point out that I am not a member of PSPA.

Ipoh Boleh