Shiny Black Gold


I refer to your recent issue 121 and the report about the PSPA production “Shiny Black Gold” therein. Having seen the show I believe your reporter undersold the importance of this production which as their first ever totally in-house production was a very big step for PSPA. As reported, the script was entirely original and written by Datin Rosalina, but the originality went much further than that with a completely new musical score written to match the script and with many of the 50 plus actors never having been on the stage before. The skill with which the original film clips and photographs were blended into the on-stage activities was also very good and enhanced the performance dramatically. PSPA should be heartily congratulated for a job well done.

Your reporter also mentioned the senior citizens, but I believe that more important were the many young people, who not only saw an on-stage musical for the first time in their lives, but also learned a lot about their local history from the ipohWorld team and the Tenby School’s exhibition of antique mining artefacts on display in the theatre foyer. Displayed throughout the show’s run the exhibition linked the reality of our mining history with the show and undoubtedly enhanced the enjoyment for the youngsters who had probably never heard of dulangs or palongs before. This was a very smart move by PSPA and it was welcomed by all who visited it, young and old, including Raja Muda and the Executive Councillors.

Overall therefore, the production incorporating all the elements of history, drama, music, visual effects was a very important step in the life of PSPA and I look forward to Datin Rosalina and her team providing us with more such quality performances in the future.

By the way, I would point out that I am not a member of PSPA.

Ipoh Boleh

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