A Trip of a Lifetime


It was a trip of a lifetime for 120 Orang Asli kids from Perak who were picked to attend a motivational course organised by Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan in early June. The 3-day course was unique for one simple reason – it was held at the country’s oldest institution of higher learning, University Malaya.

The entourage, consisting of 37 male and 83 female students and their guardians, left Ipoh for Kuala Lumpur in four buses. The two-hour journey was over in a jiffy, as the excited passengers were more focused on what awaited them at the end of the journey. They stopped by the National Museum and the National Science Centre for a look into the country’s past, present and future before making their way to College 11 where they were accommodated.

The students were selected based on their academic performance. They have potential to excel in the coming PMR and SPM examinations. The course, conducted by Orang Asli academician, Adam Zaidi, was an attraction in itself. Adam, an economist, is being highly regarded by the Orang Asli community. The foundation believes his presence and persona will make a difference.