How to Choose Your Interior Designer?


By Lynn Marie Eunisius & Naveen Sundra, Design Directors of NL Innovations

Interior Designers are creating an “Echo” in Ipoh nowadays. However, choosing the right Interior Designer is important. Here are the key issues to think through and apply when you are choosing between candidates for interior design and renovation.

“Help me see what I actually want.” Designers should have the ability to listen to your concerns about building your business look or making your family or guests welcome and comfortable in your new home. Pick who can help you picture what you’re looking for and share your vision. This is where the Designer’s portfolio and their consultation are important. You may choose them because you want something similar to their work they’ve done or because they responded best to your need during your consultation.

“I don’t know anything about design.” Have them explain the steps and stages. If they disagree with your ideas or your input, ask them why. But in the end, the final decision should reflect your choice. This is why a contract is important. A contract protects your interests as a client in receiving work that meets your specific scope and terms.

“Where is the value for your pricing?” Get explanations of what value you get from their services. Price isn’t the only measure that matters. They must clearly show why their services are better than their competitors for the outcome you seek. Their pricing should be in line with their creativity and the practical work they take on to build, install and deliver the changes you are making. This is where their relevance to your benefit kicks in. They should explain the benefits of their work in terms that are relevant to your life, values, and situation. Maybe through 3D designs, layout plans, etc.

“I need to be able to talk to you.” See if they check in with you. Follow up with you. If they go the extra mile to resolve small issues before they become big ones. You need to get along in a friendly way. Yet you should look for a ‘good vibe’; some affinity between the both of you. If you like each other, this will emerge in the work you take on together. If you don’t like each other, that will almost certainly cause problems.

“You can make a great choice even if you may not think like a designer!” Everyone has the ability to choose wisely and choose well. Check their website or portfolio to see the type of clients they have and the quality that they use.

You are the Main Designer of your residence or company, then comes the Interior Designer!

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Your Lifestyle, Our Creation… Happy Designing!

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