Spreading the Goodwill


The state government, through Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan (YBU), has initiated a new programme aimed at helping the hardcore poor in the state. It is not in the form of financial aid but the distribution of foodstuff directly to deserving candidates.

Since the inception of this food-aid programme in April of last year some 45,000 recipients from all 59 constituencies in the state have benefited. It cost the government a hefty RM4 million.


Isfarina Mohd Bali

“The primary objective of the programme,” said Isfarina Mohd Bali, YBU’s Head of Management Services, “is to inculcate a feeling of empathy towards the poor and the marginalised among Perakeans.” As it involves state assemblymen and village development committee heads, the programme helps cement the existing good ties between the two parties.

The basis for selection is contingent upon one’s income and disposition. “A family of five or more with a combined monthly income of less than RM750 qualifies for the aid,” said Isfarina to Ipoh Echo. To determine the validity of the recipients’ background, the foundation enlists the assistance of the state welfare department, Kemas, Baitulmal and from the foundation’s own database, e-kaseh. They are then shortlisted and forwarded to their respective state assemblymen for confirmation. Upon confirmation, they are returned to the foundation for action.

Only 80 are selected from each constituency. Once done, food items such as rice, cooking oil, sugar, flour, tea, etc. are purchased and given to them. “The handing-over is either done collectively at a central location or delivered door-to-door by their political representatives,” Isfarina declared.