A Good Samaritan


I am in every way an old-fashioned man and hold strongly to my religious beliefs. Kindness will be rewarded with kindness and evil with evil, for it is predestined. After being around for three scores and a half and having seen how modernity affects the way we live and interact, I tend to be a little sceptical of people, no matter how well-meaning they may be. But one event, which happened recently, where I was an unwilling participant, has impacted my feelings for my fellow human beings.

I was about to leave for work from my house in First Garden one morning when the house bell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone, not early in the morning. I opened the door and saw a Malay couple in front of my gate. The wife was in a white nurse’s uniform. Obviously, she must be a nurse attached to the General Hospital. The husband, in a brownish outfit, introduced himself as Wan, an officer with a state-linked company.

In the man’s palm was a black leather wallet. It looked familiar. After ascertaining the identity of the owner, Wan handed the wallet to me. It belonged to my son, Jake. Wan found the wallet on the pavement along Jalan Sultan Idris Shah in downtown Ipoh. I checked the contents, all his personal documents, credit cards and RM500 in cash were intact.

I was lost for words. Never in my wildest dream would someone return a lost wallet, let alone trace the owner to his house. I thanked Wan profusely, took a RM50 note from my son’s wallet and offered him a reward. Wan refused it flatly insisting that it was his moral duty to return something which was not his. The couple were soon gone.

It took me awhile to regain my composure. How much have I underestimated the magnanimity and generosity of human beings, especially of Malaysians? In moments of angst there are still people who would walk the extra mile for the well being of others. It is totally unexpected.

Encik Wan, whoever you are, you made my day.

Ah Chin

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4 thoughts on “A Good Samaritan

  1. I agree with S.Sundralingam. I have a friend who has done the same for others no matter what color or religion they may be. It is the upbringing that matters. Nothing to do with 1Malaysia or who rules the country.

  2. Yeah, I don’t see the connection between Jibby’s 1Malaysia and this act of altruism by Wan. The guy was simply performing his responsibility as a good citizen. We should be thankful that there are still people like Wan around, especially in this time and age. Ah Chin should consider himself lucky.

    Jibby’s 1Malaysia is aimed at fostering good relationship between all the races in the country. This make-to-feel-good slogan is just a slogan to hook wink Malaysians. It’s akin to the ill-conceived and on-going National Service programme. What can you achieve in 3 months at a boot camp? On the same note, what can we achieve by 1Malaysia?

    Racial polarisation is nowhere past the pre-1Malaysia days limits.I dare not hazard a guess what will come in the years ahead if we continue to be ruled by a bigoted Umno-backed government.

    It’s about time we make a stand and consider the future of our children and their children. Migrating is no longer an option.

  3. Wan’s act reminds us of our believe in our faith, he had practiced what his religion and up bringing had taught him. Nothing to do with 1Malaysia.

  4. This article is all about 1Malaysia.This is what Najib is talking about.
    More articles of this nature should be highlighted in The Echo.

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