Butterfly Lovers & Love Songs


The Perak Society of Performing Arts Performing Arts Festival this year has been nothing short of amazing.

The PSPA International Ensemble

The recent Ensemble’s offering “Butterfly Lovers & Love Songs” was an absolutely delightful selection and marks its 5th performing year.

The ensemble, this year, consisted of 12 local and international musicians under the direction of PSPA’s Music Director and Conductor Eugene Pook.

Butterfly Lovers with Grace Lee on violin solo

The first programme featured one of the most famous works of Chinese music, the tragic love story “Butterfly Lovers”. Originally written for a full symphony, PSPA’s Ensemble performed the rare and unique chamber version which featured Grace Lee from Singapore playing solo violin using Chinese techniques.

The concerto lasted 27 minutes but when you are enjoying yourself time really does fly. There were 3 parts to the concerto but Grace Lee and the Ensemble did an excellent job of guiding me through the love story right till the time the lovers flew off together as butterflies.

Tenor Tan Wei Han performing with the Ensemble

The second part of the programme had tenor, Tan Wei Han, presenting love songs in English and Italian. The audience clapped when he rendered O Sole Mio but when he sang Granada he had the audience under his spell.

For Nancy Monteiro and her daughter, Cassandra, both enjoyed the Ensemble and said it was “very good”. Nancy added that ‘they played with feeling” while 15-year old Cassandra, a piano student described the performance as “passionate”.

The Ensemble with the PSPA Committee

I couldn’t agree with them more.