IIS’s Outstanding A-Level Results


Ipoh International School (IIS), the first in Ipoh to offer both sciences and humanities A-Levels has recorded outstanding results from its pioneering batch of students.

“Ipoh today, the world tomorrow,” declared Sabrina Kaur Dhaliwal who won top honours in the Cambridge International A-Level Examinations 2011. Sabrina who hopes to become a doctor scored straight As in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Sabrina also scored the prestigious A* for Physics. She attributed her success to the encouragement of her parents and to the excellent teaching standards at the school.

“The academic approach was challenging, inspiring and exciting,” offered Sabrina who was the champion lady athlete and a Shakespearean drama enthusiast. She was also named “Best All-Round Scholar 2011” at the school.

Among other students who won academic laurels for IIS were: Lee Sue Ern (3As, 1B), Yul-Rahim Zaman (3As, IB), Estee Lau Pui Mun (2As, 1B) and Yoghan Logenthiran (2As, 1B).

In the AS Examination (Stage 1) 2011, two home-grown students of IIS hit the Cambridge International Examinations headlines by achieving perfect scores in several subjects. Evelyn Chua Yi-Lynn and Ashwin Narayan put IIS in the ranks of top-scoring schools with their outstanding individual scores. Evelyn Chua scored straight As in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Thinking Skills. She also attained a perfect score of 100 marks in Physics. Ashwin Narayan who achieved the “Top in the World” ranking in his O-Level Examinations (2010) continued his winning style with straight As and perfect scores for all three subjects in the AS examinations. Ashwin’s perfect scores were in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

IIS currently has 68 students in its Cambridge A-Level Programme. It offers both the sciences and the humanities subjects. It also offers a co-curricular programme that includes community service and Shakespearean drama.

The next intake for A-Levels will be in January 2012.

For more information, contact: Ipoh International School – ipoh@tenby.edu.my.