Dai Loke Meen


Known also as Mee Hailam or Hokkien Mee, Dai Loke Meen ‘big fat noodles’ is just that – yellow noodles that are fatter than normal and cooked in a thick dark sauce, and served with fantastic sambal belacan. Whether the noodles are round or angular does not make a difference to its taste. Dai Loke Meen is unique in its dark, sometimes almost black colour. It also has the added flavour of cooking with lard. Pork, chicken or prawns and vegetables may be added. Some like it wet whilst others prefer it dry; some may even regard Ipoh’s light colour noodles as a sorry replica of the original.

Restoran Sun Tuck Kee (night)
65 Jalan Yau Tet Shin (New Town)
Nice smoky taste; sambal is a little watery and a bit sour. RM4.50.

Kafe Sentosa (Ria)
33 Tingkat Taman Ipoh, Ipoh Garden South. RM3.70.

Restoran Yin Fai Kee (night)
2 Jalan Leong Sin Nam (New Town)
Sambal is thick. RM6.

Hong Kong
1 Lorong Taman 12, Taman Pertama. RM4.