Cleanliness and Civic Consciousness Sorely Lacking In Ipoh


I am part of the management corporation for the Intan 2 building in the Lebuh Medan Ipoh area, located behind Ipoh’s famous Jusco shopping centre. Our management corporation has made many complaints to the city council about the poor garbage collection and maintenance of cleanliness in this area. The drains are so clogged up that at times rain water cannot even be pumped out from our basement car-park into the public drains. Irresponsible litter-bugs working and living around this area have also turned the place into one big filthy eye-sore.  We have written complaint letters to the city council and also sent in complaints via the E-aduan link, but to no avail. If the MBI officers are as diligent in issuing fines for litter-bugs as they are at issuing parking summonses, then maybe Ipoh might regain its reputation for being a ‘clean’ city. In fact, the new parking coupon system seems to be creating more garbage for the city as many coupons end up on the streets. Right now, Ipoh is nothing more than one big dumpsite because of the behaviour of many irresponsible residents with filthy habits, city council officers and cleaners who appear to be sleeping on the job. As a last resort, we have also submitted all complaints and photos to the Menteri Besar. State Tourism chairman Dato’ Hamidah Osman  had better  concentrate on cleaning up the capital city of Perak as the state is not going to attract many tourists for year 2012 if cleanliness and hygiene are not prioritised first. Tourists who come to Ipoh now would go away with one lasting impression of Ipoh – a city of garbage and illegal posters!

Helen Yeap
Joint Secretary for Intan 2
Management Corporation

1 thought on “Cleanliness and Civic Consciousness Sorely Lacking In Ipoh

  1. Hi

    I am an Australian who visits Ipoh once a year as I come back with my wife who has family living in Ipoh.

    I love the food and culture and the old buildings that Ipoh has. However cleanliness and the litter bug is a hugely noticable factor from a tourist point of view.

    Hefty fines should be issued to a person caught littering and possibly setting up a litter bug line. This may help educate the public.

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