Charity Sale Carnival

Raja Nur Mastura and Raja Aznan Shah – Thalassaemia patients

Pertubuhan Thalassaemia Perak (PTP) organised a Charity Sales Carnival at SJK(C) Yuk Choy recently as part of their fund raising campaign to support Thalassaemia patients especially young children to meet their medical expenses.

Thalassaemia is a disease whereby the blood cells fail to function normally and can be only be diagnosed through a blood test and once confirmed, patients have to undergo blood transfusion every three weeks.

BAIDURI President, Datin Seri Diraja Saripah Zulkifli who launched the carnival praised the PTP for their splendid charitable works in supporting the Thalassaemia patients especially the young children and the poor. Baiduri took the opportunity to contribute RM2000 to PTP fund.

The PTP President, Chin Yoon Fook also expressed his gratitude to all sponsors and donors for their generosity. An appointment certificate as Medical Advisor of PTP was also given out to Dr. Teh Hiok Seng by Baiduri President.

Raja Nur Mastura, 14 and her sibling Raja Aznan Shah, 12, (pic) both benefactors of PTP’s aid since they were 9 months old were full of praise for PTP. Besides assisting them in medication and treatments, PTP also took them out on vacation trips and other activities.