Long Wait for Appointment


Recently, when I went to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun for a routine eye check up, I was able to see the doctor within an hour; but had to stand in the queue for more than 45 minutes to fix a date for the next appointment. With the implementation of their new computerised system, the process is very slow. Two nurses are involved in fixing the dates. The first nurse fixes the date to see the doctor and passes the appointment card to the second nurse who fixes the date for the field test. Most of the patients in the queue were senior citizens. The eye drops applied before checking the eyes blurs the vision and keeping the eyes open in the bright light is uncomfortable.

Previously when the appointment was fixed manually, the nurse took the appointment card and used a calendar to fix the date. The process was very fast. To speed up the process, the dates can be given manually and at end of the day the data can be uploaded into the computer. If this system is implemented the patients would not be required to wait for such a long time.

The authorities must take action to reduce waiting time.

A. Jeyaraj