Manis’ Dream Comes True


Manis bt Mad from Kampong Headwork, an Orang Asli settlement in Langkap, can now heave a sigh of relief, thanks to Yayasan Bina Upaya Darul Ridzuan (YBU). Her dream of owning a new house has come true.

The 60-ish lady, who lives in a dilapidated wooden house which is almost 50 years old, built by her former husband, fears for her life as the termite-eaten house could crumble anytime. “I wish to thank Yayasan Bina Upaya and the MB for their help,” she told the media when met. The foundation has undertaken to build a low-cost house worth RM30,000 on the site of her present house. The house when completed will provide Manis with a more habitable roof over her head.

Construction of low-cost houses is one of the foundation’s on-going poverty eradication programmes for the poor and the needy in the state.