Railings Removed


The troublesome railings at the busy pedestrian crossing in Jalan Hospital-Fair Park, whose presence was given the thumbs-down by Jerry Francis (Ipoh Echo Issue 129), were removed by MBI no sooner as the matter was highlighted. In a letter to Ipoh Echo dated October 7, the Council replied. Here is the English translation:

“The Council takes cognizance of the problem and has acted to remove the railings at that part of the road.”

The Council’s timely action is appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Railings Removed

  1. Carry on your good work, Jerry & Ipoh Echo. There’s more to just this railings. Please point out to the Council to rectify them. The Council may continue with their silly ideas but they have to listen eventually to the people.

  2. Thank you, Jerry for highlighting this issue.

    So it seems that the council has taken the advice from a columnist.

    However, it makes one wonder why the council, in all its worldly wisdom , did not coordimate and resolve the issue of the railings and the installation of the pedestrian crossing before it was raised by Jerry. To leave the situation unattended is tantamount to advertising their ineptness and lack of thought, and loss of confidence in the administration of the council.

    Perhaps from now on, the council has woken up and be careful how they spend the rakyat’s money. In a sense, thankfully they did not resort to a “study tour” of a Salzberg or Milan or Taipei to arrive at the decision about the railings.

  3. Thank you Mr. Jerry Francis for highlighting this issue, and it’s high time the Council appoints U as an adviser. I would NOT like to say much, shame on the Council!

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