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The upcoming tourist attraction for Kuala Kangsar      

Eyeryone has heard about the Labu Sayong, the nationally known earthernware water pitcher made in Kuala Kangsar.

Well come the beginning of next year there will be another product associated with the Sayong Valley which is  Persisiran Sayong or Sayong Riverfront.

Hamidah's working visit included checking on the condition of the grass.

Members of the Media were introduced to this new Tourism Product when they accompanied State Exco for Tourism, Dato Hamidah Osman on her working visit to the site recently. The Director of Kuala Kangsar Municipality, Abdul Halim Hamid together with Municipality officials and councilors were present during the visit.

Sayong Riverfront as the name suggests, lies along the Perak River at Kampong Sayong Lembah and can be seen when driving up Bukit Chandan across the river directly opposite the Kuala Kangsar Rest House.
Located on a 6 hectare site, its facilities include a jetty, gallery, handicraft centre, a riverfront restaurant and a tourism square.

Work on the site started in 2008 and the entire project cost RM17 million. RM14 million was provided by the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) with the remaining RM3 million provided by the Ministry of Tourism. The completed project was handed over to the KK Municipality at the end of September. The site will be opened to the public in time for Visit Perak Year 2012.
According to Hamidah, the site is to be developed as a center for water activities such as kayakking and rafting and will be the focus location during the water sports activities held during the Sultan’s birthday celebrations.
Access to Sayong Riverfront is via the kampong road leading into Kg Sayong Lembah while the other means is by ferry boat from Bukit Chandan. The current ferry boat seats few passengers and takes under ten minutes to ferry passengers across the Perak River.
In anticipation of more visitors Hamidah has allocated RM150,000 for the purchase of a 20 seater flat bottomed boat to ferry visitors to the site.
Hamidah also announced a long term plan  to introduce the Perak River Cruise where visitors could embark  on a boat at the PLUS Rest and Service Area (RSA) on the Perak River and disembark at Kuala Kangsar to continue with their tour of the area.

At the

At the Sayong Riverfront

Kuala Kangsar, better known as the Royal Town, is synonomous with its unique handicraft industries such as Labu Sayong, intricate Embroideries and even making the traditional Malay dagger, the Keris.
With regards to downstream eco-tourism activities, Hamidah indicated that the state government will promote the homestay industry “to provide opportunities to increase the local economy”.


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