Dog 6 Months in Manhole, Rescued

Victor Oates with rescued dog

A dog, which had fallen into an uncovered manhole and remained trapped for six months, was rescued after all attempts to get the authorities’ help had failed. Cold and lonely, it had survived on the kindness of the residents in the area, who regularly lowered food into the manhole.

No one knew when the year-old Miniature Pinscher fell into the manhole at the back lane of Cempaka Sari 4, in Taman Cempaka. Its barking, months ago, had attracted the attention of the residents. Some kind soul then tied a plastic container  (pic) for the residents to fill food and lower into the manhole for the dog.

Its plight came to the notice of an animal welfare NGO, Noah’s Ark Ipoh, last week. An animal rescuer, Victor Oates immediately went to the scene. Using a pole with a loop attached to it, he successfully brought the dog to the surface. “It is now being boarded and treated by Noah’s Ark,” said Oates, a 66-year-old retired gas engineer. “If not for the kindness and ingenuity of the neighbours, the dog could not have survived this long.”

Oates, who had taken on the role of a rescuer of animals in distress, has been taking on the task seriously for the last four years. “Since I have retired, I decided to take on the role and have found great pleasure in helping the poor animals,” he added.

All animals that have been rescued are neutered and treated. If no home can be found for them, they are later released at the locations where they were found.

On the claim by the Ipoh city council that it is “not practical” to adopt humane methods to overcome the problem of stray animals, Oates says that it all comes down to “dollars and cents”. “The city council probably finds it cheaper to pay for a bullet,” he said.

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6 thoughts on “Dog 6 Months in Manhole, Rescued

  1. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for rescuing the poor doggy. My God, six months in the hole and nothing the authority could do is really unbelievable! It’s sad that dogs are still being shot in Ipoh. I’m from Ipoh and have seen it too…yeah, they probably find it cheaper to buy a bullet, Victor

  2. Hi there Victor, thank you for rescuing this poor dog!
    I’d like to know what happened to this poor dog. Is this rescued dog still with you. Can I adopt it.


  3. Thank you to the residents and Victor, for giving a chance the dog to live. I’m not sure why the authorities’ failed to do the rescue when Victor could, sigh. On a bright note this dog will have no problem to be re homed. I got to agree with Victor, city council is just finding a cheaper way to get rid of the stray dogs. I believe this is because we live among hopeless society who can’t bother much about animal welfare. This also goes to department who are responsible to guide the councils on the guidelines on Humane catching of Strays and pound management which was published in 2007. There is no humane method practice and there is no dog pound either. Best of all no department is counter checking this. Countless time NGO’s and public are the once who has to step in to highlight the matter.

  4. You are very kind hearted soul Victor. GOD will always bless you and your family. In that dogs next birth…he will serve you.
    Hats off for a good job man.

  5. Well done Victor..
    I can’t imagine how the little one has survived through the heat and heavy rainfall.
    Luckily you saved him.
    and I like what you said on the last paragraph too..

  6. Well done, kind souls for feeding the little doggie, especially Mr. Oates who took the trouble to resue the fellow.

    But seriously folks, isn’t it baffling that a manhole could be left open for 6 months ?

    Then again had the council come to cover it up properly, they might have just left the dog in the manhole to perish in the dark !

    But then again……..hhhmmmmmmm who knows ehh !!

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