More Upgrades for Little India?


I refer to the report ‘Deepavali bash strengthens ties’ (NST, Nov 5, 2011). It is stated that MB Dato’ Seri DiRaja Dr Zambry Abd Kadir presented MIC Ipoh Barat branch RM100,000 to upgrade Dataran Little India. Only about a couple of years ago MBI spent RM1.8M to upgrade Little India, including the Dataran. The traders are complaining that the acute parking problem and frequent flooding in the area have yet to be solved. This is tax payers’ money and MIC Ipoh Barat has no right to unilaterally carry out any so-called upgrading. They must call for a public hearing and gather suggestions from the people. They should not repeat making stupid mistakes like building the public toilet in the centre of Little India. They must be transparent and inform the people beforehand what they are going to do. The money must be spent wisely to the satisfaction of all people.


A. Jeyaraj