Spousal Abuse on the Rise


“It’s an accepted fact that spousal abuse is on the rise today,” Dr Sharifah Halimah told reporters after speaking at a forum on domestic violence and child abuse in Jelapang recently. The one-day forum was organised by the Perak State Health Department and assisted by government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

The President of the Perak Women for Women Society alluded to statistics to substantiate her claim. “Over 70 per cent of working women are being abused, mentally and physically, daily,” she lamented. The reality on the ground is most disturbing as such abuses are not confined to women alone but to children, as well. The negativity it will cause is far-reaching as they will have a profound effect on the mental and physical well being of the victims.

“Women must be resolute in countering these abuses. They should not adopt a passive attitude fearing the loss of dignity and face should they act irrationally,” she reasoned. “Don’t treat women as objects to vent men’s frustration, as punching bags, so to speak. Women’s reluctance to react is not a sign of their weakness. To them, maintaining the family’s integrity is paramount.”

The open forum was targeted at the men folks but, unfortunately, only the oldies were present. Nonetheless, the objective of the discussion was achieved. Beside talks by speakers, well versed on the issue of domestic violence, the audience got to see pictures of abused women and children and posters abhorring violence of all kinds on display in the council-owned Jelapang hall.

Ayob Mohd Hassan, 65, from Slim River commended the organisers for a splendid show. “The forum is very informative,” he said. He, however, blamed technology and modern lifestyles for all the ills that are affecting mankind. “We’ve to fall back to religion to overcome these woes.”

Norashikin Mokthar, 40, from Taman Jati, Ipoh was pleased with what she saw and heard. “It’s an excellent way to showcase the effects of domestic violence,” she said. She felt that the ones who needed such exposures are the newly-weds. “They should be made to attend this forum.”


3 thoughts on “Spousal Abuse on the Rise

  1. Thank you Mr Sundra; Ipohite for your comments. Yes we agree that men too are being abused by women but the statistics are much lower than women in domestic violence (DV) cases. Men often do not come forward to make a report due to various reasons of their own. Moreover, it has taken years of advocacy and support to encourage women to report on cases of DV. We are continuously working tirelessly advocating a stop to violence against women. Sad to say there has been very little being done to address the issues of domestic abuse and violence against men.

    However, there is always help available for male victims of violence. They can call various NGOs like WCC Penang, PWW in Ipoh , AWAM in KL, WAO in KL etc, Befrienders or the welfare department for appropriate referrals or resources.

    We welcome men to come forward so that together we can stop both gender based violence and instil the culture of respect in our community.

  2. I am with you Sundralingam. Abused husbands too need protection. What have the good doctor to say? Over to you, PWW.

  3. When we think of abuse or domestic violence, we don’t often hear or think about husbands being the victim. It’s usually the wife who is reported sufferer. Yet more and more it’s coming out in the light that many husbands are victim of spousal abuse as well. Not as many as women, true, but it still happens. So, why can’t we hear about husbands being abused by their wives?

    But the bottom line is, husbands or wives, both should learn to respect each other and in whatever circumstances NEVER raise your hand. As a staunch supporter of PWW, hope Dr.Sharifah and her team lends a helping hand to the abused husbands. Maybe they are shy to admit in to the Ngos, but they do exist.

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