Tadika Adik Bistharii Graduation 2011

Tadika Adik Bistharii graduation
L-R - Ms Padma, Wan Jia Tong, Kisshore, Chan Kar Yan, Thayaanethee, Datin Thavamani Thambipillay, Mrs Pushpa Jeyasingam

Twenty-two students from Tadika Adik Bistharii graduated and received their certificates upon completing the K2 programme from Datin Thavamani Thambhipillay, Chairperson Board of Governors, at the Royal Ipoh Club.

Tadika Adik Bis-tharii (TAB), established in 2001 by Pushpa Jeyasingam, strongly believes in providing young children with programmes that build community support, respect for diversity and build relationships between children, family and staff. The TAB programme is based on a developmentally appropriate practice and child-centred methodologies that prepare children to succeed and life-long learning.

Tadika Adik Bistharii Graduation 2011Congratulations to the six students who received the Best Student Award 2011: Wan Jia Tong, Navvaruuben J. Winson, Chan Kar Yan, Kisshore Sashitharan, Jananie Therukkumaran and Thayaanethee Selva Kumar.

Ms Mun, the principal, gave the opening speech followed by speeches in four languages by the children. The ceremony concluded with songs and dinner.