Kinta Craft Trail - Shabby Rose Cottage

Arts and Crafts Fair


Kinta Craft Trail (KCT) fulfilled a dream to gather all crafters together in fellowship and in pursuit of a common interest by holding the first weekend craft fair of interesting and unique handmade crafts, souvenirs, mementos and knick-knacks, at the Garden Villa in Ipoh.

Kinta Craft Trail - Shabby Rose Cottage
Kinta Craft Trail – Shabby Rose Cottage
Kinta Craft Trail - Dolly Quah
Dolly Quah

“It is a platform for all crafters to exchange ideas for more creative products, and maybe create a unique craft chapter amongst ourselves,” said Dolly Quah, who initiated the event.

There were hand-painted stones, bottles, woodwork; beautifully sewn applique bags and patchwork, embroidery; clay art; beaded, semi precious, crystal jewellery; handmade soaps, herbal beauty products; solid wood trunks/chests, spice racks featuring dove-tail joints hand-crafted without nails; lovely cakes, cookies and pies, and even a thirst-quenching lemonade stall manned by youngsters.

All crafters in Perak, who practise either traditional or modern craft as long as they are handmade, were invited to join in the inaugural fair. Several NGOs, namely, Bengkel Perlindungan Semangat Maju Sitiawan, NASAM, ASAP, PWW and Daybreak were also there to sell their crafts. This was an opportunity for many crafters to showcase or sell their work and to create an awareness of the wonderful crafts in Perak. Visitors were also given the opportunity to sign up for crafting lessons. Dolly added, “We are keen to provide an avenue where we can interact with other creative people sharing the same passion.” KCT intends to organise regular Craft Fairs that support local crafters to showcase their talents locally, rather than having to travel to other states. One thing all the crafters have in common is a passion and sheer enjoyment for their craft.

For information on future events and participation, contact: Dolly Quah at 016-5516018 or email:


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