Fighting Breast Cancer Mardianah’s Way


Fighting breast cancer - Pink Champion Association PerakThe battle with breast cancer is a long and tedious journey. For the patients it’s a nightmare. Although some may recover, the struggle to suppress the pain will linger on for the rest of their lives. Breast cancer is the most common kind of cancer among women.

Mardianah Yusof, 54, accepted her fate when she was diagnosed with cancer at 45. For her, it was merely an obstacle which had to be overcome with patience and calmness.

“It’s not a burden that could destroy my life,” she told Ipoh Echo when met. “I‘ve the strength and the will to fight it, as I had witnessed my own daughter succumb to the disease.” Her daughter died of leukaemia at the tender age of 10.

Mardianah (pic left), who is also the President of Pink Champion Association, Perak, felt that something was not right with her body and had immediately sought medical advice. Her husband was most supportive in providing her with the moral support she needed at that point in time. Her endurance was tested to the limit when she had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment 25 times in five weeks.

“The heat from the radiation was unbearable. My arms swelled due to the disruption of the flow of lymphatic fluid. I felt severe pain in the breast area,” she exclaimed.

This was followed by hormone therapy which involved the use of anti-estrogen drugs to deter the growth of cancerous cells. She had to suffer a negative side effect – it expedited her menopause. She reconciles herself to her fate, accepting it as something unavoidable. In her moments of anguish, she turns to God for deliverance. “I seek his blessing,” she said. Mardianah spends most of her spare time on social and welfare activities, serving those who are afflicted with the disease.

“We need volunteers in Pink Champion Association. The services of volunteers will help ease our job of imparting information more effectively. We not only motivate the cancer patients but share crucial information, especially on ways to handle the crisis wisely,” she said. Two new recruits, Molly Mourin, 78, and Mahalectchimi Palamappan, 48, both cancer patients have joined in to champion the Pink Champion’s cause.

Readers who want information on the association can call Mardianah at 012‑5161240.