Newly-Paved Silibin Road Is Sinking


Newly-paved Silibin Road is sinkingThe whole stretch of Silibin Road was resurfaced and upgraded to dual lanes about a year ago. However, the section of the road between Jalan Hassan and Our Lady of Lourdes Church started sinking on the left side soon after paving.

Perhaps it is due to an improper gradient of the road and stagnated rain water. When it rains, puddles of water form along the road. Despite the recent resurfacing, patchwork repairs have already been done in a number of locations. The road is uneven.  In fact, the section of road in front of Gayathri Supermarket was raised to avoid flooding after rain.

A new road must not have these flaws. Engineers from MBI must visit the place and assess the situation.

A. Jeyaraj

2 thoughts on “Newly-Paved Silibin Road Is Sinking

  1. Who do we blame for the shordy job. Of course the MBI. Why? Because there has been no supervision by the MBI officers. This goes to say that there is no work discipline at MBI. This is not a blanket viewpoint, it is only directed to the officers supervising this job. Shame.

  2. When the road was widened, the contractor probably did not lay or laid insufficient amount of stones and gravel to build a strong base. As can be seen from the photograph, the break is along the old tarmac and roadside before it was tarred. The old tarmac has a base to support vehicle loads but the roadside does not have a strong base and therefore, sinks under load. Water adds to the damage because it softens the underlying base even further. MBI clearly did not check the workmanship and quality of construction. The only solution is to dig up the sinking part, lay a strong base and tar it again. Patching will be never-ending, costing more money in the long run.

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