Knowledge Sharing Session


Petroglyph Games - Kian Chai NgAt the invitation of Spacetoon Media Hub Sdn Bhd and K-Perak, Klang-born, Kian Chai Ng was the guest speaker at the knowledge-cum-experience sharing session held at Perak Techno Trade Centre, Ipoh recently. Kian is currently the lead concept artist with Las Vegas-based Petroglyph Games. He has more than three years’ experience in graphic design and has been in the computer-games industry for over nine years.

Kian talked about his experiences in the game development processes in the US, including ups and downs working on his current project, “End of Nations”, a massive multiplayer online real time strategy (MMO-RTS) game. It is a free-to-play game that will be released sometime this year.

The objective of Spacetoon Media Hub in organising such a session was to upgrade the knowledge and skills of local animators, particularly animation students. The company plans to hold a huge carnival in Perak at the end of the year, bringing in well-known animators from around the world. This will create an opportunity for students to enhance their skills, and at the same time further develop the infantile animation market in the country. Demand for local animators will invariably increase.