MBI Launches Its VPY 2012 Programmes


Visit Perak Year 2012Ipoh City Council has announced that it has 12 programmes for Visit Perak Year 2012.

The programme which was launched by the State Exco for Tourism and Industry Dato’ Hamidah Osman, includes: a photography competition, currently on going till March 18, an exhibition and futsal and football competitions.

The annual Ipoh Star Walk and Ipoh International Run are part of the scheduled programmes. There will be two international programmes, the International Eco-Tourism Familiarization Tour (September) involving foreign media to promote the state’s attractions, and the International Youth Rainforest Exploration (November).

Dato’ Hamidah in her address praised Ipoh City Council for ridding Ipoh town of its ‘Ghost Town image’ with more lively centres spread out around town where residents can lepak (to hang out) at the end of the day.

Other issues highlighted by Hamidah included:

The 360 traders at Memory Lane/Horley Street will be provided a standard umbrella canopy to improve the image of the Sunday flea market. Currently the image is haphazard due to traders using a variety of umbrellas or no umbrellas at all.

Certificates of Appreciation will be handed to shop-house owners who have upgraded their premises whether by renovation or touch ups with a new coat of paint and still maintaining their identity. According to Hamidah, “although Ipoh has beautiful caves and hills the buildings in town are ‘assets’ that reflect the image of Ipoh of a time gone by.”

More billboards are needed to bring about the ‘Wow factor’ for VPY 2012. “Although promotions have been done, that ‘welcoming’ feeling is still missing.”

On the subject of homestay programmes in Ipoh which is currently non-existent, Hamidah has proposed to set up a programme for Ipoh. A homestay programme must consist of a choice of 10 participating homes to be recognised as such.

KTMB has approved a location at Ipoh Railway Station to be a Tourist Information Centre (TIC). The TIC is anticipated to be operational by the end of March.


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4 thoughts on “MBI Launches Its VPY 2012 Programmes

  1. Visit Perak Year? What is there in Perak to be visited? Keep maintaining the Gua Tempurung, Lime stone caves, Dirty Kinta river, Beautiful joggers paradise which had been upgraded into a wet market where joggers could inhale the aroma of Laksa,Burger,Mee goreng,Pisang goreng and all that you could think of. Please do not sing the same old song, caves,hillside temple and all that which you can always find in Asia.
    Think out of the cradle, build something like the floating market in Vienna, if it is costly, try like the Thai version but please make sure the Kinta river is thoroughly filtered first. With ample of land in Perak the state govt should think of something which is not common which could generate income for the state and worth visiting Perak. Now Perak is becoming famous for high quality ‘memorial parks’ if the state govt has run out of ideas, please include the memorial parks in the tourist spot also. Please google around and see how to improve Perak and lure the tourist instead of providing canopies to the flea market traders. The world is reaching towards the sky with innovations, unimaginable discoveries in technologies,intelligence beyond everything and here we are Perakians giving free umbrellas and canopies. Is that all we could think of to promote Visit Perak Year? May God have some mercy on Perakians ! Thank you.

  2. Hahahaha… this is a laughing stock year! Ipoh is now of the dirtiest town in Malaysia. Polo field has gone to the dogs. Only now the authority is working on some upgrading work in front of the Ipoh Railway Station. All the trees in the area has been chopped down, except for the Ipoh tree. We are NOT going green. The Birch Clock Tower, so much of upgrading work to be done, maybe even in June it cannot be completed. The list goes on, anyway who is the smart guy who suggest 2012 to be the VPY 2012?

  3. The ETS shuttle between KL and Ipoh are a popular transport enjoyed by lots of people to the extent that the existing car park is inadequate. So while locating a Tourist Information Centre at the Ipoh Railway Station is the right thing, the problem of car park needs to be addressed.

    It does not make sense to push for a homestay programme in Ipoh city. Homestays should be a programme for tourists to enjoy a rural area, where there are no hotels.

    It is already past Valentine’s Day. Isn’t it sad that there are no welcome signages in Ipoh to VPY2012. If there are, sorry, I’ve missed them all.

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