malaysian super leage football - Seladangs

Seladangs Top Table


malaysian super leage football - Seladangs The Perak team’s winning ways is helping to consolidate its position at the top of the Super League table. The Seladangs secured two hard-fought victories over Felda United and Sarawak FA within the last two weeks. And with 15 points from a possible 18, the odds are on for Perak to shine impeccably this season.

After overcoming a tricky start to the season, Norizan Bakar’s men took on Felda United last week. The Settlers are a team known to prefer an attacking approach; something which the Seladangs were prepared for.

Goals from Michal Kubala and Lazar Popovic were enough to secure a 2-1 victory over Felda United. It was yet another typical Kubala performance, as the Slovakian absolutely bossed the midfield at the Hang Jebat Stadium.

malaysian super leage football - SeladangsA week after that crucial victory, a tricky match against Sarawak beckoned. Robert Albert’s men had the potential to set the league ablaze but luck was not on their side. Perak performed brilliantly that night. Michal Kubala opened the scoring before Fahrul Razi extended the lead. Sarawak managed to pull one back through Vedran Muratovich’s penalty. But that was not enough to nullify an on-song Perak side.

Norizan Bakar’s men are guilty of missing many chances this season. Their domination in midfield has been paying dividends thus far but their inability to convert clear-cut chances may impact the team’s standing in the near future.

Akhmal Rizal Rakhli has been showing great enthusiasm on the offensive but the same cannot be said of Serbian forward, Lazar Popovic. While country man, Kubala is already a hero among Perak fans, Popovic has yet to make an impression. Why is he holding up is anyone’s guess. There is definitely more to him than what meets the eye.

Tough clashes against T-Team and Lions XII are on the cards for the Seladangs. Maintaining their solidity in midfield is essential. The onus, however, is on the forwards. They have to be more clinical during forays into the opposite sides.

Whether or not the Seladangs are able to maintain their placing at the top of the table is yet to be seen. Speculations aside, the team will continue to impress fans the hard way.