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Perak Matta Fair


ipoh echo issue 140, perak tourism news 8, Perak Matta FairThe 13th Perak MATTA Fair was held over three days at Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh recently. The objective was to introduce travel deals, both in Perak and overseas, to holiday-makers. The fair attracted an estimated 30,000 visitors with a sales turnover of over RM20 million.

Although a similar fair was held simultaneously in Kuala Lumpur, the Perak sale was for those in the north of Peninsular Malaysia. There were a total of 75 booths.

Haji Odzman Abd Kadir, President of Perak Tourist Association, who stood in for Dato’ Hamidah Osman, told vacation-seekers to opt for local holidays. It was a timely reminder, as the most sought-after countries by holiday-makers currently are China, Vietnam, Taiwan and Korea. Cambodia and Myanmar have seen an increase in demand.

At the same function, a book entitled “The Beruas Prophecy” by Iskandar Al-Bakri was launched.

MATTA Fair is held twice a year, in March and September. At this fair, those who purchase a fixed amount of holiday packages are eligible to participate in a lucky draw and stand to win attractive prizes.

Tourism Calendar – April 2012

  • Raja Nazrin Bridge Run and Tasik Raban Water Sports – April 7 and 8 (Majlis Daerah Lenggong 605-767 7207)
  • Asli Fest Kuala Woh, Tapah – April 6 to 8 (Pejabat Daerah Batang Padang 605‑401 1402)
  • Larian Bendang Menara Chondong, Teluk Intan – April 8 (Majlis Perbandaran Teluk Intan 605-622 1299)
  • Pesta Laut Pangkor, Lumut and Pangkor – April 24 to 29 (Majlis Perbandaran Manjung 605-687 1363)
  • International Conference on Biodiversity and Tourism, Ipoh – April 26 and 27 (Tourism Perak and Universiti Teknlologi Malaysia 605-529 0894 and 607-553 3333)
  • Pesta Pelancongan Daerah Kerian, Parit Buntar – April 28 (Majlis Daerah Kerian 605-716 1228).

Dates subject to changes.

ipoh echo issue 140, perak tourism news 8, Kuala Woh, Tapah

Moh Singgah Tapah


Moh Singgah Tapah  (Come and Visit Tapah) was one of the many programmes slated for Visit Perak Year 2012. The celebration went regional as part of a carefully crafted strategy to localise touristic events to districts and local councils.

Moh Singgah Tapah, incidentally, was the first to be organised by a district office. It was held over a period of three days from March 23 to 25. The 3-day festivity was aimed at exposing some of the more interesting sites in Tapah to visitors. Among them is Kuala Woh, a popular picnic spot, Latar Kijang Waterfall, Malaysia’s tallest waterfall, the Orang Asli settlements along the road to Cameron Highlands, Sungkai Deer Farm, Felda Sungkai Hot Spirngs and some of the more pleasant eateries in Tapah town, which have been a hit with travellers in the past.

The event went on as planned. An influx of tourists, mostly locals, was observed during the period of festivity. Records, however, are not available.

Malaysian Rally Championship


The first round of the Malaysian Rally Championship was held from March 2 to 4 at the Mini Sports Complex in Manjung. A total of 19 teams from New Zealand, Japan and Malaysia competed in the championship.

Perak was represented by two teams. They were edged on by the morning crowd. The teams competed in a 51.04 kilometre stretch of rough terrain.

Zambry in his opening remarks thanked the organisers for picking Perak to kick start the annual championship. “It’s an indication that VPY 2012 is recognised by even those in the sporting industry.”  The Chief Minister promised to make Perak visitor-friendly by ensuring that cleanliness is kept at a high standard.

Side events such as street soccer, auto shows, lucky draws and colouring contests for children were also held to make the championship more appealing.

There are a total of five rounds in the championship. The remaining four rounds will be held in Perlis, Johor, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan, respectively, before the year comes to a close.

ipoh echo issue 140, perak tourism news 8, Batu Gajah MTB Jamboree 2012

Batu Gajah MTB Jamboree 2012


ipoh echo issue 140, perak tourism news 8, Batu Gajah MTB Jamboree 2012It was not a gathering of scouts but instead a gathering of mountain bikers who were there to do justice to their two-wheelers. Almost a thousand mountain-bike enthusiasts, from all over the country, made a beeline to Arena Square, Batu Gajah on Sunday, March 25 to participate in a 40-km off-and-on-road race to determine the fastest of them all.

The Batu Gajah MTB Jamboree 2012 was flagged off by Dato’Hamidah Osman, Executive Councillor for Tourism. The hardiest, man and machine, will come out on top.

ipoh echo issue 140, perak tourism news 8, Batu Gajah MTB Jamboree 2012Hafiz Rosli, 26, from Team Giant of Trengganu took top spot finishing the gruelling race in 1 hour and 35 minutes. Second placed Mohd Hafiszal Mahbob, 25, from Team Deter Cyclist of Klang crossed the finish line in 1 hour 50 minutes. Ipoh’s Zaid Hary Shah, 25, was placed third with a time of 1 hour 55 minutes.

Hamidah was pleased with the turn out. “It’s a good indicator that mountain bike racing is fast catching up with our youths,” she said in her opening speech. The race was organised by the Batu Gajah Town Council and inadvertently was incorporated into the Visit Perak 2012 programme.

Taiping Marathon 2012


ipoh echo issue 140, perak tourism news 8, Taiping Marathon 2012Taiping Marathon 2012, slated for on Sunday, September 16, is expected to draw a larger number of participants compared to last year when only 1219, including 56 foreigners, took part. The organisers envisaged a turnout of over 5,000 participants.

“The expected influx of runners can be attributed to publicity generated by Visit Perak Year 2012,” said Dato’ Hamidah Osman during a media conference organised by the Taiping Municipal Council recently.

The 42-km run will start and end at the iconic Taiping Esplanade. Chief Minsiter, Dato Seri Zambry Abd Kadir will flag off the race.

There is, however, a catch. This is a form of a handicap to ensure fairness, especially for local runners. Participants from Asean countries can register themselves for all categories while those from outside the region are only eligible for the open category. This is to avoid a clean sweep of the top spots by Kenyan runners, as had happened in the past.

“It’s not discriminatory,” Hamidah insisted.

For details please contact Taiping Municipal Council at 605-808 0777.

Polo: Iskandar Merdeka League Tournament


Iskandar Polo Club (IPC) Ipoh is currently playing host to the Iskandar Merdeka League Tournament at its premises at Ampang Baru, Ipoh.

The tournament started on 21 March with the first game at 3pm.Due to heavy rain the game was discontinued after 2 1/2 chukas with all balance matches reschedule daily in the morning starting at 10am. The tournament will end on 31 March.

The Tambun Tigers

A total of 8 teams are participating of which 3 are from Pahang. IPC’s team is known as the Tambun Tigers lead by Dato’ Mohd Radzi Manan who is also IPC President.

(l-r) Team Izira and TeamI 1 Pahang

Ipohites are encouraged to view the tournament and while there appreciate the

picturesque scenery where the Club is located.



Land for School


ipoh echo issue 139, SJK (C) Wan Hwa 2A previously submitted application for land by SJK (C) Wan Hwa 2 to the state government led to a surprise visit by Executive Councillor Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon to the school recently. Wan Hwa applied for the land beside the school, in June last year. The principal had met with Mah previously to discuss the matter.

The application, said Mah, is being processed. The state government approved almost five acres of land requested by Chinese schools in Perak last year.

The school plans to convert the state land into a car park. A car park is necessary as parents are not allowed to drive into the school compound to pick up their children. This is the cause of the massive traffic jams outside the school.

SJK (C) Wan Hwa has an enrolment of over 3,000 students and is almost a hundred years old. In 2000, the Board of Directors decided to move the school from its former location to the present site in Menglembu. The new school was built in 2009 at the cost of about RM9 million. Funding was sourced from the state government, who gave RM2 million while the rest came from donations and contributions.

The Board of Directors hopes approval for the land will be given in due course. Funding for the project, estimated at about RM1.5 million, will be similarly sourced – from the state government and well-wishers.


Chow Pai Parking Alert


ipoh echo issue 139, MBI parking, Ipoh’s traits quirks and idiosyncrasiesLike That Lah!…Ipoh’s traits, quirks and idiosyncrasies

Scenario: Cecil Rae Lane, Canning Garden. Commercial block of shop lots consisting of mixed traders inclusive of three kedai kopi (coffee shops) and gaming shops fronting the Canning Garden market, a near perfect 1Malaysia street.

The time is 9.30 a.m. The coffee shops are busy with the breakfast crowd and their chatter fills the road outside. The parking lots are full and motorists are double parked waiting for a slot.

Everybody is doing their own thing when a shout cries out, “Chow Pai!” from one of the coffee shops. Seconds later another “Chow Pai!” shout is heard.

All heads perk up and many rush toward their cars, open their car doors and start scratching their parking coupons before placing it prominently on the car dashboard.

Chow Pai is Cantonese, literally translated means ‘copy number’. In this case it is a parking alert that an MBI enforcement officer is outside checking for cars without a parking coupon to issue a parking summons, as is his duty.

According to a trader there, this happens throughout the working day explaining some motorists just pop in to buy their (betting) ‘numbers’ or ‘tar pau’ (take-away) a snack so they don’t scratch their coupons.

Thank goodness for the lenient MBI officer as I witnessed him approaching a car as a motorist came rushing forward with parking coupon in hand, indicating that she was ‘scratching it’ and he moved to the next car.

No, I did not see the officer printing out any summons that morning as every car had their parking coupons displayed.

Like that lah!