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ipoh echo issue 139, SJK (C) Wan Hwa 2A previously submitted application for land by SJK (C) Wan Hwa 2 to the state government led to a surprise visit by Executive Councillor Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon to the school recently. Wan Hwa applied for the land beside the school, in June last year. The principal had met with Mah previously to discuss the matter.

The application, said Mah, is being processed. The state government approved almost five acres of land requested by Chinese schools in Perak last year.

The school plans to convert the state land into a car park. A car park is necessary as parents are not allowed to drive into the school compound to pick up their children. This is the cause of the massive traffic jams outside the school.

SJK (C) Wan Hwa has an enrolment of over 3,000 students and is almost a hundred years old. In 2000, the Board of Directors decided to move the school from its former location to the present site in Menglembu. The new school was built in 2009 at the cost of about RM9 million. Funding was sourced from the state government, who gave RM2 million while the rest came from donations and contributions.

The Board of Directors hopes approval for the land will be given in due course. Funding for the project, estimated at about RM1.5 million, will be similarly sourced – from the state government and well-wishers.


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  1. Congrats! SJK{C} Wan Hwa. Hope that the students enrolled there could study and progress in a very comfortable and nice school. While I am happy about the state government’s efforts in supporting the Chinese school, I am also hoping that the state government could put to rest the predicaments such as inadequate facilities, struggles, insufficient amenities that most of the Tamil schools have been enduring especially around the rural areas of Perak and many other Tamil school in other states by their respective state governments in the country.

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