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Moh Singgah Tapah


Moh Singgah Tapah  (Come and Visit Tapah) was one of the many programmes slated for Visit Perak Year 2012. The celebration went regional as part of a carefully crafted strategy to localise touristic events to districts and local councils.

Moh Singgah Tapah, incidentally, was the first to be organised by a district office. It was held over a period of three days from March 23 to 25. The 3-day festivity was aimed at exposing some of the more interesting sites in Tapah to visitors. Among them is Kuala Woh, a popular picnic spot, Latar Kijang Waterfall, Malaysia’s tallest waterfall, the Orang Asli settlements along the road to Cameron Highlands, Sungkai Deer Farm, Felda Sungkai Hot Spirngs and some of the more pleasant eateries in Tapah town, which have been a hit with travellers in the past.

The event went on as planned. An influx of tourists, mostly locals, was observed during the period of festivity. Records, however, are not available.

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