2500 BR1M Payouts at Simee


BR1M's 'early birds'

Over 200 citizens came out early on the morning of 27 April to receive their RM500 cash payout from the government under the Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (BR1M) Program.

Recipients, mostly senior citizens could be seen outside the school hall gate at SJK ( C ) Chung Tak, Kg Simee as early as 7.45am. By 830am the hall was half full with recipients.

Mardiana attending to the senior citizens

At the queue for handicapped citizens a staff of Bank Simpanan Nasional Ms Mardiana  Ismail Yatim could be seen assisting handicapped and senior citizens to take their thumbprints where they were seated or for 95 year old Madam Leong Yat Hoe as she sat in her car.

Many of the senior citizens were ‘happy’ to receive the ‘extra’ money.

The BR1M Team at Simee.

An official said that 2500 recipients would receive the government’s cash payout that day.



3 thoughts on “2500 BR1M Payouts at Simee

  1. The gesture of help of dishing out cash provides a brief respite in covering living expenses in the short term. Extrapolate, please, this gesture for the next 10 years, what would be the cost to the taxpayer? Can this be sustained ?this is an election gimick and is vote buying. Is it really that difficult to fathom. The rot in the system started 40 years ago. Billions squandered, into pockets of middlemen and proxies, needlessly, for favours in edging out the competition. A game so blatantly played that some ministers earned nicknames like Mr. 5%. Commission for submarines amounting to millions of euro , and then get the taxpayer to foot the bill. Well then it appears that there those who wish to have their cake and eat it by themselves and pass the bill to unsuspecting people. They do it because they can and people remain blind to this. It is so helpful to get the 500 bucks and sure it is ” free money” or is it ? Elections are near.

  2. Cash handouts like these are propaganda “tools” only to happen during the election year. The money that the government hands out is not from the PM’s or ministers’ pockets but it is taxpayers who are paying for it. Whatever that is given out now must be recouped from somewhere or rather, someone. If the government reduced corruption and the costs of living, this handout won’t be necessary at all.

  3. Syabas! The government is indeed very caring and understanding.
    The small amount of RM 500.00 actually means a lot to those needy ones.
    I would appreciate it more if our government could increase the cash amount to RM 1500.00 and make it an annual event.
    If divided in 12 months, it only makes to RM 125.00 per month. At least it could help to ease of the water and electricity bills for some households.
    Taking into account the number of huge government projects that did not materialize or are running in huge losses amounting to billions of Ringgits and the unscrupulous, unimaginable amount of the public’s money that were scavenged by ‘some’, unethical leaders in the government, I guess my suggestion has its merits.
    I believe that our prime minister is doing a great job. It is only because of some little Napoleans in the government, our prime minister’s transformation agenda is moving very slowly.
    Hope to see more often the beautiful smiles of all those recipients of BRIM especially from the elderly Ahsow’s and Bibi’s.Thank you.

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